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Internet Flamers

Typical No-Balls Internet Flamer
Afraid To Use Their Real Names.

Currently there are some individuals on the internet who don't agree with my opinions.  I have no problem with that. I also have no problem with profanity & flaming. I actually welcome the publicity. I do have a problem with moronic dealers and losers who don't sign their names to their flames. I have problems with other dealers who seek to denigrate anyone by pretending to be a consumer and flaming someone just because he either beat you to a sale or refused to sell you something.

Most People Are Not Aware That Guitar Center Owns Harmony Central. Where I Get Flamed Regularly.

I have been flamed for my opinions and my views. Cool. I have been flamed for my intelligence level, Cool. I have even been flamed for talking about where I eat, Cool. I have been flamed for being too busy to answer the phone properly, that's all cool.  I just wish these people weren't so ashamed of their own opinions that they try to cover up who they are with fake hotmail addresses and fake user names.

If you have a problem that & you want to make public. Say it loudly, Say it proudly and don't be a coward, Use your real name,   I always do !!
Jan 8 1997



The Institute of Forensic Psychology of the University of Applied Science of Aspen did a research on the fast growing phenomena of so called Internet-Bashing.

Internet-Bashing is a new way of anonymously personally insulting mainly prominent persons by questioning their work as well as their personality on the internet.

Internet-Bashing - the new hype in Anglo-Saxon internet culture. The study was based on Internet-Bashing on German director Uwe Boll. The American medical journal "NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST" talked to Dr. Ann-Rose Kahn, in charge of the study and its results.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST: Your research was based on which method?

Dr. Ann-Rose Kahn: We started to analyze qualitatively and quantitavely. In the beginning the texts were analyzed on the statistical frequency of certain words, word groups and word forms. What mainly interested us was to learn how big the used variety and vocabulary of certain words was. We soon learned it was not very big, it repeated itself constantly.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST: Does that mean the average internet-basher has a low IQ?

Dr. Ann-Rose Kahn: No, on the contrary. The quality analyze of the texts showed that the average internet-basher has an average IQ, can communicate intellectually but is not using this ability or is unable to use it. The average internet-basher has a higher than average level of education but is limited to use and communicate the learned skills. The very intense and concentrated use of superlatives or negative connotations is very interesting too. Those are typical indices for strong deficits in self-esteem. It also underlines the fact that these persons take their time to bash on such an intense and very emotional level with one single person. They try to create closeness to the person they bash on. This is, of course, artificial. None of them has a real contact to the people they bash on.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST: Mr. Boll is famous for adapting video games for the big screen. So those are persons that hate him for doing so?

Dr. Ann-Rose Kahn: That does not explain the level and the intensity that is used in the Internet-Bashing towards Mr. Boll. It was the trigger to begin with, but is definitely not what is motivating these anonymous persons to continue. The very distinctive usage of swearwords as well as negative superlatives underlines how helpless these people are in real life. They are typical victims in their own created internet world. They compensate their own inability of dealing with themselves and concentrate their emotions on prominent persons. This can create sort of a domino effect: Finding others who jump on this too is creating an artificial union, a made up family on the net. Chat rooms and internet boards deliver a perfect meeting place for such individuals. It is about getting attention, being noticed, being someone one cannot be outside the home.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST: Any further noticeable cognitions in your research?

Dr. Ann-Rose Kahn: Yes, it stands out that homoerotic intensions/feelings seem to play a huge part in this new internet phenomenon. The very high level of very concrete sexual connotations is a clear hint for that. So far Internet-Bashing is a mainly male dominated phenomenon.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST: Is there something like a "TYPICAL" Internet-Basher?

Dr. Ann-Rose Kahn: Surprisingly, yes. The average Internet-Basher is male, single, between 20 – 30 years old. He has a low social competence, lives on the net. He has a strong homoerotic intention which he is unable to live out and distinctive inferiority complex. Most of these men still live at their parent’s home or close to it.

NEW PSYCHOLOGY POST: Thank you, Dr. Kahn for this interview.



Update Oct 3 2008

People Hate Me For Some Of My Opinions.

They hate that anyone should ever dare speak out against a popular Iconic name like Enron, ooops I mean Gibson!!  When a company invests hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising it buys them followers. It doesn't buy them intelligent consumers it buys them the Lemmings, Nebbishes & the weak minded.

This is only my opinion, The last time I checked you are allowed to have an opinion in this country. However there are people who would seek to eliminate our basic freedoms and call anyone who doesn't agree with them names and even go as far as to say they were untrustworthy.
It's usually very easy to spot these comments on line because they never talk about anything technical it's always something to do with name calling or making false accusations. 
There's never any real meat to the BS they are spewing but it is a bit unsettling.  Lets face it, No one likes to be called names.  I guess I could shut the F up and stop telling it like I see it. I mean how easy would that be. 

This situation reminds me of the Darwinian theories that the ignorant would rather weren't taught in our schools.

The ignorant and uninformed will always be afraid of anything they don't understand or anyone who doesn't agree with them.

I write a lot of these rants to get people to think!!!  Sometimes you have to shock them a little, Sometimes there just isn't a politically correct, nice way to say, that a certain product, or a certain company SUCKS !!!!

Sorry but I will continue to be the Ralph Nader of the guitar world even if it makes me unpopular, I'm not running for public office,  so I just don't care !!!!!

If someone doesn't want to do business with me because of my opinions, I don't care either, It's their loss as much as it is mine.  However I have found that quite a few people like my no BS policy!!!!!  You just can't win em' all.


Speaking Of Ralph Nader.... I recently saw a real video where the police would not allow Ralph Nader to enter the presidential debates.  The cops told him to leave or be arrested. This was during the time when he himself was running for president. He had a ticket but the police had the building surrounded and they all had photographs of him because the two candidates were afraid that he would raise questions that they could not answer. He even had a personal invitation from the actual network who were televising the debates.
He was denied a spot in the presidential debates over and over again. It makes me ashamed of our political system.  Just another reason why the country is starting to turn into third world dictatorship. Next they will try to disarm us what then, The Oven's?

The FBI investigated Ralph Nader for years, they tried to find some dirt on him and they couldn't, They even started rumors that he was gay etc etc.  What a crock.  Even if he was gay which I am quite sure he isn't!!

So What !!!


Ryan to me
show details Aug 31 (1 day ago) Reply

Hey Ed<

I was recently on a Les Paul forum and I noticed this hateful assed post about "why does Ed Roman hate Les Pauls?"...I hate Les Pauls too.. matter of fact...my review of a Les Paul could be summed up in two words: "shit sandwich"...anyway...they go on and on about how terrible of a human being you are but not one.. I repeat NOT ONE could respond, or even bring up, the facts you state about Les Paul necks, headstock angle, cheap wood, foreign construction that claims to be from the U.S.  You've deprogrammed me...and seeing these people bitch and bitch about you and they like Les Pauls "just because" and "they rock" and "Ace Frehley plays them" isn't good enough in my book...  I come from Missouri.. the show me state..&  I've been shown your guitars.. I've been in your shop...and I've also seen Les Paul's..  played them..

Hell my father has an original 52 without a serial number he bought at a pawn shop in 1964 that's been sitting in a case and sees the light of day once every 5 years when he gets it out.. It's a 50 something year old piece of shit...oh it gets a tone, sure...but hey if I eat at a Mexican restaurant my asshole will produce a tone too.. big deal !!

Peace on the hill brother!!!

Thanks for your letter and your support,  I appreciate it.   People are people!!!
Forgive them father for they know not what they are talking about. Ha Ha 
What were you doing on that stupid forum anyway ???
I can convert that 52 to a 58 or 59,  I can make it playable anyway !!!!!
Some vintage geek will buy it on Ebay, because he thinks the mojo will rub off on him. 
Thanks Again


Hey Hammy,  Wanna Come Out & Play ???


Finally, someone with real knowledge…The Gibson neck has never ever been a stable component, aside from the breaking problem.

I’m 62, been living guitars for over 40 of those years, and I have NEVER come across a Gibson (LP or SG in particular) that had a neck I could actually trust: Both new or vintage, 5 piece of not, in makes NO difference, the design / shape / dimensions materials / geometry / engineering are just ALL wrong. So wrong that tuning stability was absent, and simply moving the guitar while playing it is enough to flatten/sharpen the whole guitar…frightening… Like a bolt on with some bolts missing..
It was as if the weight of the headstock was enough of a mass to actually bend the neck, under even moderate movement. I realized the guitar had to be kept perfectly STILL to avoid de-tuning problems while on stage.

I really thought it was just me. Why is everyone nuts about a Les Paul?? I could never find one (and I looked for many years) that didn’t have this neck weakness problem (not to mention the “bump” where the neck joins the body, another really common and really bad thing).. Fact is they are fraught with problems, any one of which make the guitar unreliable at best, or totally unplayable.

It was many years ago that I stopped looking for a “stable Gibson” and gave up the chase, I’ll never own another one, and I can’t help but feel that, Anyone that does own them either don’t play them, or can’t hear the pitch shifting, or stands perfectly still while playing them.
Even while fretting the damn thing, one needs to be careful not to push forward or pull back in the slightest, especially at the first position, unless you want an inappropriate vibrato effect, a ½ tone shift was easily accomplished without even trying.

I’ve seen Les Paul in person I shook his hand & spoke with him, his hand is the most delicate thing I ever held, evidently he designed the most delicate instrument to match his playing style, and no on warned the general public of the eminent danger of musical instability and total catastrophic failure of the neck itself…..

Then there's always the idiot “musicians” who pride themselves on how many guitars they’ve broken in their “careers”…

I know you’re busy, I just came across your Gibson neck weakness article, and wanted to add my own 40+ years of similar disappointment bordering on distain for the entire Gibson fallacy. Everything you’ve said, I have experienced.

So at 60 years old, the “bolt on – set neck” battle rages full tilt in my head, Maybe I’ll try a set neck JET??

The Ozone Ranger

Response from Ed Roman !!!!
I usually don't print letters from people who don't sign their names, But I am in total agreement on this and it was well written and articulate.  The public does need to know this.

I have become tremendously unpopular among many Les Paul lovers, PRS Lovers  etc etc they bash me on the internet constantly because I am taking the unpopular stance.

I call them as I see them !!!!

I'm not running for public office so I don't care!!!!  No one ever has challenged the physics or truthfulness of my articles. They just call me names. (Sticks & Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.





I too am one of those people who've read and heard horrible things about you. After having read some of the articles that you've written,  I've come to think that you are a damned intelligent individual, and that all the BS and vitriolic diatribes against you are the work of lesser minds which are preoccupied with petty jealousies fueled by the self-loathing of their own personal inadequacies.
You have expressed the essence of one of my personal philosophies, to wit :   A smart man learns from his mistakes; an intelligent man learns from the mistakes of others, in one of your articles.

As a former supplicant who worshipped at the altar of the great god Gibson, I am grateful and proud to say that your informed opinions have made another convert.

I also share with you a deep loathing of Corporate America and the control it attempts (quite successfully, it seems ) to exert over us all.
I could go on, but I have too much to say, so I'll leave it at this :  I'm looking forward to meeting you, if possible, when I make my first visit to your store.  Although my discretionary income precludes the purchase of one of your fine instruments at this time,  I must needs see your facility and some of your work with mine own orbs !
Thanks for having the concern and the integrity to establish and publish such a great web site !
From this point on, I shall to spread the word !
Thank you,
John Shank


Response From Ed Roman

Hello John
Thanks for your very well written letter, you are obviously not intellectually challenged. Most of the letters I get from flamers are so full of spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes that it is laughable. They never have their facts right either, but that's another story for another day.
People have flamed me for 15 years since I decided to imprint my personality onto my website. Most people in business prefer to remain bland and boring rather than risk any political problems or flaming.
Personally, I just don't care, I didn't start this business to win any popularity contests, I started it because that's what I do. When I started Ed Roman Guitars I was in retirement mode, I had just sold my business of 20 years (East Coast Music Mall) and the building it was located in. I had a lot of money, easily enough to retire, I surely did not need to work. (I just enjoy working) !!!
The business has grown unbelievably since I started it back in late 1994, In my wildest dreams I never expected it to do as well as it has. Which proves to me that my attitude about what I say has greatly benefited my business.
I don't hate any of those flamers, After all most of them really don't know me. They usually are just going along for the ride.  "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"  Ha Ha !!!
Many of them I'm sure are "Married with Children" work in a shoe store & really have no money, no future and no real life. Many of them have saved up for several years to buy the biggest most expensive thing they will probably ever own (A Gibson Les Paul or a PRS Custom)

Here I am just some jerk from Las Vegas who says that their pride and joy is not all that great. I'm denigrating their sacred cow. Of course they will hate me for that. They call me names and say all sorts of nasty things about me but noticeably they never (Not even once) challenge me on what I actually say. I don't believe that they could, They just call me a butthead and write me off.

I don't like it much when they call me dishonest,  I really do try to tell it like it is even to my own detriment. Again though, even the ones that call me dishonest, can never seem to relate an actual situation where I have been dishonest.  They simply say it!  Weaker minds will just follow them blindly. People like this spew their hate loudly and with a lot of conviction. It simply isn't true of course but that doesn't stop these clowns from saying it.
From their point of view,  they just must think that I do my negative comparisons simply because I sell one and not the other. They could not be more wrong !! The fact of the matter is, I just choose to carry the ones that are better. I do my research before I start to carry the product in the first place. I did a complete reversal on Ibanez when they brought their prices down. At one time I though Ibanez was unfairly overpriced. When they finally adjusted their pricing I started recommending them again.
Some dealers hate me & my store because I am very aggressive when it comes to beating their prices, I am generally a lot less expensive except on limited edition hard to find rare guitars. I will probably never have the lowest prices on those types of things. I will however always have many different unique and special guitars that people won't find any place else.
Dealers also hate it that I am a retailer that also manufactures guitars. They feel I have an unfair advantage over them!!!!   The facts are always self explanatory and irrefutable, The only thing they can do is badmouth me and make up BS rumors that I am out of business.
One afternoon about 6 months ago We did a little test, We anonymously called every music store in town looking for directions to "that really big guitar store that everybody's been hearing about"  All of them but one, told my phone shill that "Oh, I heard they closed down and went out of business"!! One guy from Guitar Center who shall remain un-named actually had just purchased 2 Rickenbacker bridges from us within the week. ( I hope he reads this) He said he had heard from 3 or 4 people that we had closed.

(the operative word he used was "heard)"  By saying "he heard" that instead of stating it as a fact he can always weasel out of the fact that he was lying. 


We get a lot of lookie loo's, be backers and geek's a gawkin' but anyone who buys something gets a very high level of service from the store.
You can't please all of the people all of the time, Ya just gotta try !!!
Thanks again for your kind letter and your support, I won't let you down !!!
Ed Roman


"Merry Christmas. 
 Now Where The Hell Is My Dinner"