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We Will Not Be Undersold (702) 597-0147! Ed Roman will verbally beat any price in any catalog. Bring in your catalog with their price on Jackson Guitars. We do the same for Ibanez, Fender, Hamer, Takamine, Rainsong, Ovation, BC Rich, Turner, Gibson, ESP, Heritage and most other large guitar companies. Exceptions would be on limited editions and artist signature models.

Jackson Necks

Brand NECK Fingerboard Frets Inlay Cond Headstock Floyd  Price
Jackson Maple Rosewood 22 Dots NEW Std W Logo No 225
Jackson Maple Rosewood 24 Sharkfins NEW Rev W Logo Yes 399
Jackson USA Maple Ebony 24 Sharkfins NEW Std  W Logo Yes 899
Many Jackson Necks Available  Too Many to list Contact Us When You Are ready To Buy One



Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. You do beat all of the other's price. I was beginning to think all major guitar companies have unilateral pricing agreements with their dealers. There is virtually no discounting anymore. By the way, I find your website very interesting and fun to read. As soon as I get the courage to pull the trigger on a RR1 I will buy it from you.

Thanks again,
Wes Clanton

Hello Wes
Thanks I appreciate your business!!! You may be right about the discounting, I have heard that Guitar Center is going to fixed marked pricing,     I knew it would happen,    It had to !!!!!!  
(No more deals everyone pays the marked price just like Wal-Mart )   (Don't get me started on Wal-Mart)
So all those years that everyone who bought from Guitar Center and helped to force all the little independent stores out of business.  Now Guitar Center (Owned by Toys R Us)  is finally right where they want to be in the catbird seat. So these days customers can go in to the chain stores and pay top dollar for items that used to be discounted. It's their own fault for patronizing those stores in the first place.


NAMM Show Custom Dragon Collector's Set  (SOLD)

 Discontinued Jackson Guitar Models

Sometimes I get calls for discontinued Jackson Guitars.  Models like The Vinnie Vincent, The Alien, Warthog, Death Angel, The Demon, Many Different Explorer & V  Shapes  & many others that weren't even named.

Copyright problems
I will only custom  build you a replica as long as Jackson or their parent company Fender has no objections.  We construct all of our neck thru replicas out of the finest materials and no expense will be spared to create you the finest guitar that money can buy.

Our prices are going to be higher than a standard everyday Jackson, However our prices will be quite a bit lower than Custom shop models.

We fully guarantee our quality to be as good or better than any custom shop.  Our Luthiers & Woodworkers include Alumni from Jackson USA, BC Rich USA, Carl Thompson USA, Ibanez USA, Baker USA. Hamer USA, & Bolin USA.

Our painters include Mike Learn, Dan Lawrence, Shawn Ortiz, Mark Wilson, and many of the original Dean, BC Rich, Jackson painters.  



Charvel San Dimas 25th Anniversary

Ed Roman Guitars has these in stock.
All super low serial numbers

Only 86 Ever Made
Investment Potential Galore

Jackson Custom Shop Vinnie Vincent Model
No longer available from Jackson
See the 3DV from Abstract

Jackson Soloists

If the Randy Rhoads model made Jackson famous
 the Soloist made it extremely popular.

Jackson Rare & Limited Models
The Dave Mustaine Y2KV
Jackson has discontinued this model. 
But I still have one original never sold !!!
There are replicas available for less also

Neck string through body with shark tooth inlays.
The Y2KV is available in a wide variety of finishes.
The one you see here is in the US Flag finish.
This guitar balances extremely well compared to most "V" Guitars.

Jackson Jenna Jameson Model
We Have New Original Ones In Stock
Jackson Rare & Limited Models

Soloist King V   Jackson Rare & Limited Models
Kelly Warrior Mark Morton
Randy Rhoads Vinnie Vincent Christian Olde Wolbers
Dave Mustaine   Y2KV DK Dinky Matt Tuck
Warthog Demon Adrian Smith
War Angel Phil Collen Phil Demmel
Death Angel Artist Signature Series John Campbell
Chris Beatty SLS Slim Line Soloist  

Hello Ed,

Love your web site! I visit it often it is a cornucopia of information. I thought your assessment of what ebay is doing to the guitar market is spot on. It has most assuredly put future purchases of vintage guitars out of my hands.

I have purchased many items on ebay and sometimes I have been burned. Like the time I bought a Dobro type guitar that was advertised to be in good condition only to find out when I received it. It was totally a wreck which I had to totally rebuild. Of course the seller was no where to be found after the sale and I spent a good month of nights rebuilding.

Then there was the time I purchased a body and neck (Strat type) which the seller had said was in excellent shape and all that had to be done was paint/stain, bolt together, hang the hardware and I would have a beautiful and wonderful playing guitar. Yeah after I sanded the crap out of the body because the grain was so raised on it, it would have been impossible to fill it without using a pound of filler. The neck fit in the body like a square peg in a round hole. Needless to say that was more nights at the bench. the sellers answer on that one was. "You should have known you would have to do some work on the guitar" In the advertisement it was stated that the guitar had been assembled previously and all was okay. In each one of the above described purchases they had beautiful pictures of the items for sale only the only thing that I can figure out is that they must have been taken before the damage was done or they had duplicates.

I once purchased A 16 track tape deck from someone overseas, when it got to the states I had it shipped directly to the tech to have him go through it and tweak it before shipping it to my studio. Well when it got to the techs lab I got a call. He wanted to know what in the hell it was because it was surely not what I had told him he was going to receive. What he said was not only was it not what I thought I had bought but it was in no way a tape machine of any kind just a bunch of parts that could never have been or never would be a recorder of any kind. So I tried to contact the seller and never got a reply. It was good thing I had it insured for its replacement value and after 6 months of being persistent I finally was able to settle with the insurance company and  recoup expenses but not the time.

I had the tech donate the parts to a nearby High School that used it for an industrial class. Never, ever by anything from overseas on Ebay, E V E R

There have been a few more rip offs I have been a victim of but that was all before I have established a few rules for myself. Which are, when I surf ebay I always set it to: Distance nearest to me, I don't bid on anything that I can not drive too within a reasonable amount of time, I always ask for phone numbers and call the person before bidding, I always request a personal examination and pickup of item if purchased before giving wages over to someone I have never done business with. If they don't answer my emails or refuse my request I don't bid on their scam. If they are honest they are more than happy to accommodate me.

If I follow my rules I do okay.  Its when I didn't is when I was so stupid! That has always cost me time and money.  In my opinion time is more valuable than money it is something you can not recoup. I don't like losing the dough, which has been hundreds, but losing the time is what hurts even more.

Thanks for the ear

Tommy Fellini
K Town, WI


That's good advice, 



USA Jackson Neck Through Models
If I miss any please let me know

Jackson Custom Shop      
Jackson Death Angel Discontinued In Stock In Stock
Jackson Demon Discontinued Available  
Jackson Explorer Discontinued In Stock  
Jackson Firebird Discontinued Available  
Jackson Flying V Discontinued Available  
Jackson Y2K V Discontinued In Stock In Stock
Jackson Doublenecks   Available  
Jackson Kelly     In Stock
Jackson King Kutt Kelly      
Jackson King V     In Stock
Jackson Randy Rhoads 25th Anniversary Discontinued 25 Made   In Stock
Jackson Randy Rhoads Made For Randy Discontinued 2 Made    
Jackson Randy Rhoads Reissue Ltd Floyd Discontinued 200 Made    In Stock
Jackson Randy Rhoads Reissue Ltd Std Discontinued 200 Made    
Jackson Randy Rhoads Reissue Polka Dot Discontinued 150 Made   In Stock
Jackson Randy Rhoads Original Model      
Jackson Randy Rhoads Std Model      
Jackson Randy Rhoads Roswell Discontinued In Stock In Stock                        
Jackson Soloist     In Stock
Jackson Vinnie Vincent Discontinued   In Stock
Jackson Warrior     In Stock
Jackson Warthog Discontinued Available  
Jackson Y2K  V Discontinued Available                      
Jackson Zoraxe Discontinued 7 Made   In Stock