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JET Guitars are the Worlds Finest Single Luthier Guitars

In my opinion Jeff Terwilliger is the most talented & Innovative Luthier on this planet. A JET Guitar even the new 2011 economy models defy the normal logic most builders use to build a good guitar. Sometimes we ourselves send some of our paint work to Jeff because he has an incredible eye for mixing colors so that they are mind warping.

    Ed Roman April 2011

JET Guitars are among the finest guitars we carry.

JET guitars have proven themselves over and over to be one of the finest guitars that Ed Roman carries. Contact Ed Roman The JET Guitars are getting even better!


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Ed Roman   Las Vegas

Original One Of A Kind JET Prototype Built In 1996
This Guitar Has Been Sold


This Prototype JET was one of Jeff's original designs. Only 1 was ever made!!!  This guitar was built back in the mid 90's, I bought it when I started working for Jeff as his National Sales Manager & Marketing Director. For various reasons production of this guitar was never pursued.  This guitar is an excellent collector piece and it can be bought for only $2,900.00

It comes with a Wilkinson tremolo, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Ebony Fretboard, inlaid with mahogany stripes.

The body is light Honduras mahogany and the leaves are inlaid with flamed maple.  A very expensive process today.  I have had this guitar around my shop for about 10 or 12 years at this writing. I think it was one of the first guitars I ever owned that came with wooden neck binding and a larger lower bout than the top one.

This guitar was designed to be a straight ahead rock guitar, to compete with the Jackson Soloist, The Robin Machete, Hamer Californian, etc etc.  

If you think you might be a candidate for one of these beautiful guitars, We can construct you a new one, please give me a call and we can arrange for you to get one of the first run. These guitars will be priced conservatively and will prove to be a good investment in the long run.

I began working for JET as purchasing agent, marketing manager, & worldwide sales manager back in 1996. Right at the beginning when Jeff first decided to make his own line of guitars. The first ones were not as beautiful as today's masterpieces. The playability, sound and feel was always there 100% !!!!  Even from, the very first Earlewood guitar that Jeff ever made. I can personally attest to that, because I have been it's only owner.

I was impressed by it instantly and it will be a cold day in Hell when I sell it.

Ed Roman

Oct 2007

This is an example of some of the finest quilted maple I have ever seen in the 33 years I have been selling high end guitars.
The cost of this wood is far higher than anything else I have ever seen, If any one reading this knows where I can get more of this wood I will pay whatever you want.


Price Is No Object !!!!!!

Ed Roman


Caribbean Burst

The attention to detail is like no other guitar we sell
No CNC Machines
Every inch a handmade guitar.

"JET"  The Finest Guitar In The World

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The Earlewood

The quality fit and finish of these guitars are 100% top shelf.
The Earlewood comes standard with a graphite nut. Other custom nut materials are available.

Zero Fret Option

A special option is the JET stainless steel zero fret/ebony string guide combination nut. (It looks just like a regular black nut, unless you look carefully.) This will give you the ultimate in sharp, ringing attack if that's what you're after. This feature, combined with the Maple and Ebony neck,  results in the brightest, strongest attack possible in a guitar with humbucking pickups and mahogany body.


3/32" brass fingerboard end serves as the24th fret, so the neck pickup can be placed further forward in its sweet spot. Book matched quilted maple top is gently radiused, but not bent. The body is peaked like a roof, not flat, to accept the matched ½” top halves which are joined at an angle. Then the top is hand carved to a gentle arc of 25’ radius.

Only one other company uses a radiused top, but their top is actually wood veneer bent and glued over a more radically curved body. At least ½” is required for the Maple to make a significant tonal difference.



Left Handed Guitars Available

JET Guitars

"The finest guitars we sell"

Dear Ed

Ok, the JET is still incredible, but Holy Cow this Centurion is amazing. None of my friends can believe how incredibly light it is !  I still use Quicksilver #343 as my main player but I have now decided to use the Centurion at gigs. This guitar has a tone that is indescribable! I will insure the Centurion for double and pray to The Lord that nothing happens to it at a gig.

I still love the brightness and versatility of the Quicksilver but the Centurion gets this smooth creamy Peter Green meets Santana tone that I have never experienced with any other guitar that I have ever owned.

Thanks again for this guitar. Currently my absolute favorite that I own. The guitars I have bought from you over the past 2 years are the prize possessions of my entire life.  When I got the JET I was floored and I assumed you would never be able to build anything better than that.

When I look back at some of those Crappy Guitar Center guitars that I used to think were pretty good. I realize that I have attained a level of clear light since my association with Ed Roman.

You guys are the best guitar builders in the world. I will be in Vegas this June and I want to take you guys to dinner anywhere you like.

Thanks Again
Ross Wilkins

Hi Guys,

I was in a couple of weeks back and purchased the Purple JET.

Every time I play this guitar it continues to astound me.  I enjoyed it a bit in your shop, but that's hardly enough to appreciate just how good it is.  This instrument is so expressive and transmits every subtle expression so well.  It sounds like you are actually climbing into the guitar - you can feel the wood and strings working to do exactly what your fingers ask.  I am getting to be a much better guitarist as I hearing things and finding sounds that were previously invisible.  (not to mention a renewed love of the instrument and pulling out charts and tabs to practice once again)

With respect to the tone, the flexibility of the pickup switching is allowing me to do exactly what I want in a way that I did not previously imagine.  Amazing "glass" but not brittle sound in the split positions. This guitar makes so many sounds and outdoes both the "Strat" and "Les Paul" thing better than either of those.  (I remember when I used to say, well I need a "Fender sound" on this track so I'm using my strat - HA!)  Clarity of tone like this is remarkably difficult without also revealing some annoying resonance or weakness - I can't see how its done - this guitar has no rival that I have experienced. 

(I don't even play my other guitars any more, except for quick practice on guitars I leave out or at places where I don't want to worry about taking the JET.) 

Your setup on this instrument is also perfect and much appreciated.

Frank  Baker

 Dear Mr Roman


Before I found your website I thought I knew about guitars. I owned two Gibson guitars, three Paul Reed Smith guitars and one extremely  expensive Custom Shop Stratocaster. I was mistakenly under the impression that I owned the finest guitars in the world.  ha ha..

After finding your website in June 2003 and purchasing a Gledura guitar from you, I knew that I had an awful lot to learn.

Today, 12/18/03 I am the proud owner of  2 Quicksilver's,  & 1 Pearlcaster. I just received my JET Earlewood yesterday.

I dumped the PRS guitars and the Gibsons at a big loss on ebay. The Fender was impossible to sell so I gave it to my son. My son doesn't even play it he uses my Pearlcaster. He won't even go near the Fender anymore.

The biggest problem I have now that the Earlewood arrived is I can't decide on what guitar to play.

You should be made a Saint ! The guitars you sell are easily 3 times as nice as the crap I was buying at my local Guitar Center. They all came in set up beautifully and your techs were a pleasure to work with.

I will be probably buying a Viking in January.

God Bless & Have a Happy Holiday

Monterey Cal

A Great Letter from Dan Ali

Dear Ed Roman;

This check is part of the balance for the Centurion guitar with the pig inlays. I'd like to thank you for creating a website that opened me up to world of truly custom made guitars. Sam Ash and Guitar Center stores no longer capture my interest. Also thank you and Your people for taking me a tour of your Connecticut shop while I was there. When I ordered my first and second guitars from you I had requested that the Buzz Feiten system be installed on them.

To be honest I really wasn't convinced that there was any difference in sound; probably because I tune my guitars so carefully and with a very accurate strobe tuner; you would be pressed to tell me that my guitar out of tune. I said, "What a heck" and ordered the modification anyway.

I then received my Green Birdseye top JET Earlewood #126; I'm sure you've seen it. I still wasn't convinced after playing it a week. I then reset the intonation to the Buzz Feiten specs and tuned up. After one strum I was then a believer. Not only is my JET Earlewood the best looking and easiest playing guitar in the world, it is also the best sounding.

I'll match my JET up against any guitar on planet. My JET makes my beloved Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 feel like an Ibanez. I thought nothing could top my PRS. If people are buying JET Earlewood guitars just for their looks that’s understandable, but they are missing the best part; they play like heaven. Imagine playing full bar chords with distortion and still sounding sweet.

I can't wait until I get my  Centurion with "Buzz" system and pig inlays, I'm sure that'll be next to "Hog" up all my attention

Dan Ali
New York


I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful JET guitar I purchased from you.  Not only is it aesthetically perfect it sounds amazing.  I had to raise the action a hair for my own taste but that done I cannot put in down.  I own a beautiful Les Paul and a great Stratocaster but neither compares to the JET.  Each note and chord played resonates perfectly.  Thank you for your diligence in finding such a great guitar maker in Jeff Terwilliger.  And thank you for being straight and honest in your opinions and your business dealings.  I will be back for another guitar soon.

Craig Casca

The New JET ECO Model - A Players Guitar

The ECO is a scaled down version of the Earlewood Supreme that can be yours for a much lower price.

Till recently an Average JET guitar sold well above $5,000.00 and was fully worth every penny. The failing economy has decreed that there was a market for a high quality version

The Eco is available in Solid Mahogany or Solid Paint Grade Korina. There is nothing about this guitar that compromises the sound or playability in any way.

This guitar will sell for about $ 2,900.00 and be every bit as good as the ones costing more than double. There are no sacrifices here except possibly cosmetics & bells & whistles.