LSR Guitars vs Steinberger Guitars

LSR Guitars Vs Original Steinberger Guitars

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This comparison is based on the original Steinberger when they were 100% made in the USA.
This comparison would be a joke if you compared LSR to the new Gibson made Steinbergers.
The Original Brooklyn & Newburgh Steinbergers were excellent high quality instruments.
This comparison is intended to show the reader why LSR Guitars has surpassed the original models.


Steinberger LSR Comments
3 body shapes available 50 plus body shapes available Choice is always better
1 type of wood 40 types of different tonewoods Choice is always better
EMG electronics only EMG, Duncan, Lollar, anything Choice is always better
Black hardware only Black, gold & chrome hardware Choice is always better
No truss rods LSR models  all have truss rods Truss rods allow for better setups
Graphite necks only Graphite, plus 15 types of wood Choice is always better
No Custom Body Shapes Any custom body shape you want Design your own LSR will make it
No Floyd Rose at all Floyd Rose bridges available Steinberger Never offered that
No Hardtails Hardtail bridges available Steinberger made very very few.
Ebonol synthetic fingerboards only Ebony, Rosewood, Maple & More Choice is always better
Limited pickup configurations Unlimited pickup configurations Choice is always better
Full body models bolt on only All models available neck thru body Choice is always better
No paddle shaped doublenecks All models available as doublenecks Even doubleneck basses
No baritone models Most models available as baritones Neck Thru Only
No 7 string models Most models available in 7 string Neck Thru Only
No Wide Neck 5 String Basses   LSR offers a 5 Wide Bass Neck Thru Only


LSR Quilted EB-1

Korina Bolero With Macassar Ebony Neck

LSR Themed Headless Concept Guitar

Original Steinberger Newburgh Made Doubleneck
Trans Trem And Track 12 Bridge
This is available from LSR in 20 plus body shapes

Steinberger Models
Most of the People who worked at Steinberger did not know these

When I worked for Steinberger back in 1990/1991, I was primarily responsible for naming all the models, I came up with the names Legend, Matrix, Racer & Performer for the L,M, R & P series.  The headstock series was called a Sceptre.

I believed that the guitars should have an identifying name that people could remember.  I didn't become completely fluent on Steinberger  nomenclature till about 6 months after I picked up all the merchandise in their closed warehouse sometime in early 1997. I know when I worked there there were always naming conflicts going on all the time and 95% of the employees didn't know the actual names of all the models.  It's very confusing to say the least.

Well Ovation already had used the name "Legend" so very few people in the USA ever got the printed literature pertaining to the names. Europeans still call me for the Matrix or the Legend.  There was a short period where they changed the names to "Elite" There was the GT Pro era and God knows how many other naming conventions that never seemed to stick for long.

Below is the original number & letter designations, Confusing as they are, I decided to use this as a universal way to distinguish one from another.

Ed Roman

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Prefix G Guitar
Prefix X          Bass
L Legend (Oar shaped all graphite model like Eddie Van Halen uses.
LW Legend (Oar shaped wood body graphite neck model) (Actually sounds better)
M Matrix, ( Pseudo Strat shaped model like Joe Perry, David Gilmour, Vito Bratta play  Originally Named "M" For Mike Rutherford who designed it.
P Power Vee (The mini V shaped model like Leslie West or Andy Powell play)  Before switching to the LSR WB-1
R Racer (Low end version of the M series no trans trem or EMG pickups) made in Korea
Q Quint or Quad Bass
S Scepter (The short lived headstock model)
K Kleinberger  (The Steve Klein model)
T When T appears in the model number it means Trans Trem included
S When S appears in the model number it means Std Trem Included
A When A appears in the model number it means Active EQ circuit is included
1 When 1 appears in a model number it means 1 humbuckibg pickup
2 When 2 appears in a model number it means 2 humbucking pickups
3 When 3 appears in a model number it means 3 single coil pickups
4 When 4 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means 1 Hum 2 Singles
7 When 7 appears in a model number for a Guitar it means Hum Single Hum

A   XM2A
 was a guitar, with a mini oar body,  3 single coil pickups, a Trans Trem  & active EQ 
 was a bass,   with a full body, 2 humbucking pickups & active EQ
 was a guitar, with a full body & 1 humbucker & 2 single coil pickups
 was a guitar, with a  mini vee body & 2 humbuckers
 was a guitar, with a full body, 1 humbucker a Trans Trem & active EQ