LSR Guitar Models  (By Ed Roman)

LSR Guitar Models

The LSR EB-1
Beautiful Flametop & superb craftsmanship 100% USA Made
This model has been favored By Leslie West who has owned 4 or 5 of them
Buck Dharma also uses one of these.

Design anything you like Ed Roman can build it for you !!!!

The Best Quality Money Can Buy
 Custom Made For Rick Derringer in 2001
Prices Start At $2,400.00

Design anything you like we can build it for you !!!!

LSR went on to build and design a number of original designs and a number of one of a kind familiar shapes. Some of these familiar shapes happened simply because a customer might request a "Custom guitar with a body loosely resembling a Rickenbacker or a "Custom headless guitar shaped like a Kramer.  LSR not being much more than a fairly large custom shop was able to get away with doing things that a larger company would have been sued for. 

After about 600 guitars were built several competing companies had their attorneys send cease and desist letters requesting that LSR no longer offer these certain offending models.  Leslie West, & Buck Dharma are two of the original LSR artists. Leslie even wanted to produce the guitars under his own name which only lasted a short time due to LSR's failure to be able to mass produce.  To this day all LSR Guitars are hand made and there are many body designs available that are not pictured on the web.  If we picture them we will only get a cease and desist letter, so we decided not to picture them.



This model comes in several different variations, shorter or longer upper horn


LSR Virtually cornered the Steinberger market, this was done by purchasing as many bodies, necks, bridges and associated parts as possible. During Steinbergers last remaining days, the company CEO Pat Cummings was reduced to paying off debts to vendors with parts & guitars. He also paid employees with product.  Ed Roman contacted all these people and purchased all of the remaining parts in existence.  One Vendor had 26 Steinberger Guitars and boxes and boxes of  bridges & headpieces, Ed Roman even went as far as to buy all the Hohner & Cort inventory from those respective companies also. 
Ed recently contacted the company who made all the Steinberger Voodoo electronics and is now able to supply parts to fix the old models. Also there are numerous new electronic widgets available.

LSR Rebel

Gibson the owner of the name Steinberger objected heavily to the use of the Suffix "Berger".  So LSR changed the names on all the models The Ed Berger became the EB-1. It should be noted though that Ed Roman had asked the people at Gibson as far back as 1997 if they had any problems with him using the suffix Berger. At that time they did not seem to care. I was only after an extremely successful NAMM Show appearance and press releases being issued that Gibson objected. 

The LSR Bolero Archtop
Built for John Morvay

Ed Roman has been building all of John's headless guitars for close to 12 years


Made with a Steinberger GS Neck
VC 1 headless version (No Picture)
Sorry for the poor photo

The Newer Designed One Has A Caligula Body

This is the original LSR Guitar,  This is the one the line was conceived behind. Today 20 years later there are over 45 different body shapes and climbing, The headless neck design lends itself extremely well to almost any shape and design.


Dark Emerald Green Quilt

    EB-1 in Cocobolo   Built for Kevin Kalagher.
Kevin owns The Brian Moore Guitar Company

Custom Inlays are available
Another one of Leslie West's Guitars

LSR Jewel

The Jewel is without a doubt one of the most beautiful guitars ever produced. It is also just as functional as any of the LSR other headless style guitars.  This one I made for myself personally in 1993.

The tone wood combination of African limba and quilted blister maple plus the addition of the high output Duncan Black/Back TM pickups makes this the ultimate guitar soundwise. We now offer this guitar in at least 50 different body styles.

Blackback Pickups, Maple Board,  Jeweled Knobs, Jeweled Binding
6A Blister Quilt, Korina Back LSR Blend Graphite
For Legal Reasons This is an Original Steinberger Body That We Retopped

More Retopped Bodies