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Klein, Hohner, Spirit, LSR & All Headless Guitars

Ed Roman Also Buy's Steinberger Guitars To Strip For Parts.

Why Are Ed Roman's Parts Better !!!!

 The Trans Trems are original case hardened machined and made entirely in the USA by "Bay Ridge Machine"  in NY (Now out of business). Everyone else has the imported Zen-on Asian made cast ones that wear out and don't hold tune like the originals.
As far as the Early Original Bass Claws are concerned, ours are made from a Titanium alloy!!  These are 3 times as strong as the ones that came on your guitar 25 years ago. We have never had to replace one since we started building them in 1996!!!   We also have Hardtail Steinberger Bridges that no one else is making available.   Those Stainless Steel one we have seen advertised are not stainless and they are very problematic,  we have them in stock also.  NOT RECOMMENDED  THE THREAD PATTERN ISN'T EVEN CORRECT.

We have hundreds of original Newburgh Steinberger bodies in various stages of being built.  We have the original pre Gibson USA made ones.  Today the ones you buy elsewhere are not bound are most likely made in China.

When we emptied the Steinberger building we saved boxes & boxes of paperwork. We found the original sources for all the original parts. When Ned Steinberger originally manufactured his instruments he was a real stickler for quality & longevity.

We carry several brands of composite & graphite necks.  Even the original Steinberger necks were not really graphite  but merely a composite.  We offer different blends of composite and we offer truss rods in our necks.. plus our neck comes with the ability to mount a wheel to the truss rod competitive Moses necks don't offer that feature.

Ed Roman offers only the best & highest quality parts for your real Steinberger!! 

 Today The Steinberger Product No Longer Benefits From Ned Steinberger At The Helm.
Our Suit Wearing  Bean  Counting Friends At GIBSON Have Taken Over
They Have Chinatized Steinberger !!!!         What A Shame !!!!!!

Custom Made Body By Ed Roman

Steinberger Parts
Prices Will Go Up As Availability Goes Down
Parts Are Non Refundable Even To Our Best Customers !!
So Make Absolutely Sure  You Order The Right Part !!
We Will Be Glad To Match Your Part Up At No Cost To You !!
If The Part Is Ever Wrong After We Match It   
That Is The Only Time We Will Ever Take It Back
Part Number




Steinberger Acrylic Hanging Stand Cstm Made Guitar Stand Exactly like the ones That Ned Used at The NAMM Shows to display  New Made From Sturdier Plexiglass $99.00
Steinberger Sticker Original Steinberger Bass Logo Sticker Brooklyn & Early Newburgh Guitar Models New Original Brooklyn $35.00
Original Steinberger Warranty Forms Original Newburgh $50.00
Strings Steinberger Strings NEW Strings
Bodies Steinberger Original Bodies   Photos $10.00 USED   Photos $10.00 $600.00  to $1,200.00
Steinberger Replacement Bodies
Original Steinberger Bodies,  See Below Used 300 in stock
Steinberger Necks Click Here For Steinberger Necks NEW  Necks


STB BB4 OR Bass Bridge Original Old Style Reconditioned Not

Always Available

STB BB4            Bass Bridge 4 Late Model Complete NEW $180.00
STB BB4DB       Bass Bridge 4 with DB Tuner Late Model NEW  $220.00
STB BBW5      Bass Bridge 5 String Late Model NEW $280.00
STB BBSL Bass Bridge Saddle Late Model   NEW $33.00
STB BBSE1 Bass Bridge Saddle Early Model   $100.00
STB BBSE2 Bass Bridge Saddle Early Model   $70.00
STB BBSE3 Bass Bridge Saddle Early Model   $50.00
STB BBSE4 Bass Bridge Saddle Early Model   $50.00
STB BCO           Bass Bridge Claw Early Newburgh Original  NEW    JUST REDUCED $75.00
STB BCN             Bass Bridge Claw Late Model Only NEW $30.00
STB BBK              Bass Bridge Knob Original or New NEW $35.00
STB BBKTR         Bass Bridge Knob Threaded Rod  NEW $15.00
STB SAB4 String Adaptor Bass 4 NEW $55.00
STB SAB5-W String Adaptor 5 String Bass Wide NEW $100.00
STB SAB5-N String Adaptor 5 String Bass Narrow NEW $79.00

Headpieces Original Steinberger Models
Fits Pre Gibson Brooklyn & Newburgh

STB HP6           Headpiece Guitar 6 Original Steinberger Guitar $100.00
STB HP6L Headpiece Guitar 6 Left handed limited  $160.00
STB HP12 Headpiece 12 String Original Steinberger Guitar $250.00
STB HP 4            Headpiece Bass 4 Bass $100.00
STB HP 5_N       Headpiece Bass Narrow 5 (rare) Bass $125.00
STB HP 5_W Headpiece Bass Wide 5 Bass $175.00

  Ultratone Improved Headpieces
These fit ball end or regular strings no need to buy a string adaptor unit
They are also precision made in the USA

 NEW FOR 2008  
LSR HP 6G        Headpiece Ultratone 6 string Guitar $125.00
LSR HP LH Headpiece Ultratone Lefthanded Guitar  
LSR HP B4           Headpiece Ultratone Bass 4 Bass $150.00
LSR HP B5N Headpiece Ultratone Bass 5 Narrow Bass $150.00
LSR HP B5W Headpiece Ultratone Bass 5 Wide Bass $175.00

String Adaptors For Use With Regular Strings

STB SAG             String Adaptor 6 String Guitar Original NEW $55.00
STB SAB String Adaptor 4 String Bass NEW $55.00
STB SAB5-N String Adaptor 5 String Bass Narrow NEW $75.00
STB SAB5-W String Adaptor 5 String Bass Wide NEW $100.00


STB MCV M Series Control Cavity Cover NEW $34.00
L Series Front Cover Plate New   NEW
STB LCP  L Series Front Cover Plate Cstm Quilted Maple NEW $390.00
L Series Front Cover Plate Guitar Reconditioned to New $400 to $1200.00
  L Series Front Cover Plate Bass Reconditioned to New $400 to $1200.00
Original NOS L Series, EMG's Knobs Factory Wiring Factory Brand New 


STB PSP  P Series Pickguard  CSTM MADE $100.00
STB PSPL P Series Original Pickguard W/ Logo Original $160.00 to $400.00

Leg Rests  & Neckplates & Pivot 

STB LR1 Leg Rest (Folding)  Bass or Guitar NEW  $65.00
STB LR 2 Leg  Rest (U-shaped style)  Bass or Guitar NEW   Rare (2 left) $350.00
STB NPB  Neckplate Bass Original Newburgh OUT OF STOCK $60.00
STB NPG  Neckplate Guitar Original Newburgh NEW $70.00
STB DCK Neck Mounting Kit  (Screws Inserts & Bushings) NEW $39.00
Neck Mounting Kit (Labor To Install) NEW   (Including Labor) $50.00
PPLB Pivot Plate L Bass 4 String or 5 String Used Only $199.00 to $399.00
PPBI Kit Pivot Plate Brass Insert Complete NEW $100.00


STB RT       R Tremolo Complete NEW


STB RTLBP R Tremolo Lower Base Plate With Tremlok NEW


STB RTS      R Tremolo Spring NEW


STB RTSRS      R Trem Spring Retainer Screw & Knob NEW


STB RTSRC R Trem Spring Retainer Cap NEW $29.00
STB RTFS R Trem Fulcrum Stud   NEW $29.00
STB RTKE R Trem Knife Edge Blade Insert For Trem NEW $29.00
STB RTCE R Trem Cup Edge Insert For Trem NEW $29.00
STB RTKEC R Trem Fulcrum Stud Knife Edge NEW $35.00
STB RTSA R Trem Saddle With Adj Screws NEW only fits R Trem 25.00
STB RTSTTS R Trem Saddle With Screws & Steel Wheel NEW also fits S Trem 90.00
STB RTSTTB R Trem Saddle With Screws & Steel Wheel NEW also fits T Trem 100.00


STB RTC R Trem Claw NEW $25.00
STB RT-TSC R Trem Tuning Screw NEW $10.00
STB RT-TSP R Trem Tuning Spring NEW $6.00
STB RT-T Assembly R Trem Tuning  Assembly Includes Washers NEW $39.00
STB RTA   R Trem Arm  Fits Most Models NEW only fits R Trem


R Trem Arm Left Handed $100.00
STB RTREM-L Left Handed Tremolo NEW




Sound Better & Stay In Tune Better

Trade Your Steinberger Trem Get A Hardtail,  

All Models   R Trem, S Trem, Trans Trem. 

STB HARDTAIL Hardtail Bridge  Limited Quantity Available NEW   (Including All Labor,  complete including a new bridge)

 Installed on wood guitar  $400.00

STB HARDTAIL Conversion, Milling & Custom Routing on Your Existing Tremolo Steinberger
Price includes mounting & installation
LABOR  (We Completely convert and retrofit your existing stock tremolo to a hardtail)

 Installed on wood guitar

STB HARDTAIL Conversion to L series or any all graphite model, includes glass work & milling base to fit perfectly Labor If you cannot afford a trans trem this is better and far cheaper.

Mounted on graphite guitar



STB IBTT Trans Tremolo In Body Fits GS Models Only NOS

Call For Price

TB TT Bkln Trans Tremolo Original Real Model NOS
Call For Price
STB TT Bkln Used Trans Tremolo Original Real Model USED  Call For Price
STB TTB Trans Trem Bearings NEW $25.00
STB TTS Trans Trem Main Spring NEW $42.00
STB Claw Trans Trem Claw Only NEW   $60.00
STB CAS Trans trem Adjustment Screw For Claw NEW $10.00
STB CTS Tuning Screw W Barrel & Washer For Claw NEW $35.00
STB FT Fine Tuner For Claw W Screw NEW $35.00
STB CFTSA Claw  Fine Tune & Adj Screw Assembly NEW  Complete Assembly   $130.00
STB ASR Trans Trem Adj String Retainer Square NEW $100.00
STB ASRS Trans Trem Adj Stepped Retainer Screw NEW $100.00
STB ATHT Hardtail Conversion Bridge  NEW With Core Trade TT FREE
STB ATHT    Hardtail Bridge Includes Custom Routing NEW $400.00
STB TSTT Tremolo Sleeve (Cold Rolled Steel) NEW $100.00
STB TTA Trem Arm Guitar Trans Trem Original  NEW $79.00
Trem Arm Guitar Trans Trem  Holdsworth NEW    Ultratone $100.00
Trem Arm Housing Trans Trem NEW $495.00
Trem Arm Housing Threaded Bushing NEW  Installed $65.00
STB TA-R Trem Arm Trans Tremolo Bass NEW $99.00
STB TL Transposing Arm Lever With Set Screw NEW    Ultratone $149.00
STB TPG  Transposing Pin Guitar Hardened Steel NEW   $149.00
STB TPX  Transposing Pin XL Bass  NEW $89.00
STB TT12  Track 12 String Bridge NEW Out Of Stock
STB TTBS Trans Trem Saddle (also fits S Trems) NEW $100.00
STB BODY Steinberger Original Newburgh Bodies SEE BOTTOM SEE BOTTOM PAGE  


EMG HB Pickup Bass Pickup All Original Models Ed Roman's EMG Pickups are pre wired to snap into most original Steinbergers all pots are included  
EMG 81 Humbucking Guitar Pickup  
EMG 85 Humbucking Guitar Pickup
EMG 89 Humbucking Guitar Pickup
EMG SA Single Coil Bass Pickups
EMG KEK Knobs, Pots & Electronics Kit NEW  
EMG Preamp

The New Ultratone replacement headpiece is an ingenious unit that makes it easy to switch from Regular or Ball end Strings.  It bolts in using the exact same system as LSR or Klein or Steinberger and it has slots with set screws to use regular style springs.   We guarantee your satisfaction.
The old Steinberger unit is nothing more than an add on item that is held in place by the spring tension. This unit makes it possible to change but it seems like a poor design.

Custom Quilted Body, Custom Maple Neck,
Custom Abalone Binding, Custom Seymour Pickups
Available Only From Ed Roman Guitars On Any Steinberger or Headless guitar.

Steinberger LSR or Klein Necks
Our Prices Are Lower Than Moses Direct
Our Service is Usually Quicker Also


When buying a Moses neck somewhere else, please be aware that the externally mounted truss rod adjusting wheel that Ed Roman provides will not fit correctly on other Moses necks. The Moses cavity is too deep. Moses makes a good quality neck. In fact they make our necks also. The prices are about the same and our neck will allow you to adjust your truss rod without removing your neck. So unless you want to remove your neck to adjust the truss rod,  we suggest you buy the neck from us.  Plus our price is usually lower than direct !!!!


The new Ed Roman all graphite necks are built the way Status, Rainsong & Modulus Necks are. These are not composite. These are actually true graphite necks.  Yes they do cost more but hey, it's only money !!!!!!!


Brand Model Material Frets Fretboard Price
Moses Steinberger or LSR Bass 4 Graphite 24 Composite $399.00
Moses Steinberger or LSR Bass 4 Graphite 24 Maple $399.00
Moses Steinberger or LSR Bass 5 Graphite 24 Composite $429.00
Moses Steinberger or LSR Bass 5 Graphite 24 Maple $429.00
Moses Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Graphite 24 Composite $350.00
Moses Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Graphite 24 Maple $575,00
Moses Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Graphite 24 Ebony $575.00
Moses Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Graphite 24 Comp Fretless $390.00
LSR Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Maple 24 Maple $475.00
LSR Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Maple 24 Rosewood $399.00
LSR Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Maple 24 Ebony $550.00
LSR Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Braz Rswd 24 Braz Rswd $775.00
LSR Steinberger, LSR Or Klein Guitar Mac Ebony 24 Mac Ebony $900.00
Stnbrgr Original Bass 4  Newburgh Neck Graphite 24 Composite Used Call
Stnbrgr Original Guitar Newburgh Neck Graphite 24 Composite Used Call
Ed Roman Woven Pattern Graphite Guitar All Graphite 24 Real Graphite No Composite TBA
Ed Roman Woven Pattern Graphite Bass All Graphite 24 Real Graphite No Composite TBA


 All Guitars > Steinberger Guitars > Main Parts Page > LSR Headless Guitars  

We Are Always Buying Original Steinberger Basses & Guitars
Our prices are not the lowest because we pay higher for ones in better condition
The quality is always great with a used original Newburgh or Brooklyn Steinberger from Ed Roman
The Guitars & Basses we carry were all made before "Music Yo" existed.
We try very hard to stay away from any & all Gibson made Steinberger's

Sometimes unavoidably we get them on trades !  

We found a small box of these curved leg-rest units sealed up inside of another box
These were the original ones that came on he original Brooklyn models
Limited quantity available.  Very few left so don't dawdle !!!!


Built For Buck Dharma & Gary Vescio

Custom Made Bodies Available

Steinberger Bodies
Are priced based on condition, color & how many pickups they are routed for. Ed Roman can easily add custom routes to any body that you want to purchase.  Ed Roman  also offers custom bodies with many different shapes & colors. Ed can even retop your stock Steinberger body to add a great deal of beauty to an otherwise plain looking guitar.
We will take your old body on trade and allow a very decent trade in value. The LSR replacement bodies are very beautiful custom made bodies that are guaranteed to bolt up to any original Pre Music Yo Steinberger. If you want something to fit a post music Yo guitar we will have to make some modifications before we ship.

No one has ever asked us to modify a Music Yo guitar.

After all you can't polish a turd!!!!

All Parts Sales Final



Partial Inventory Of Steinberger Bodies

STB M1 M Guitar 1 Hum Body  These Original Steinberger bodies are all pre Gibson pre Music Yo.


Made in Newburgh Models with binding, logo & original factory paint jobs.  

Ed Roman can modify them, repaint them or retop them.


Ed Roman also offers over 100 different LSR headless body styles that will seamlessly bolt up to your original  Steinberger Guitar


Ed Roman wants to buy your old body. So trade it in when you buy one of these.


$600.00 to $690.00
STB M2 M Guitar 2 Hum Body  $750.00
STB M5 M Guitar 1 Hum 1 Single Coil  $600.00 to $750.00
STB M4 M Guitar 1 Hum 2 Single Coil $58000 to $900.00
STB M7 M Guitar 2 Hum 1 Single Coil
None Left  This Can Be Made Up
 None Left We Can Custom Build You One For $450.00
STB P1 P Guitar 1 Hum  $380.00 to $590.00
STB P2 P Guitar 2 Hum Body $280.00 to $390.00
STB P5 P Guitar 1 Hum 1 Single Coil $280.00 to $390.00
STB P4 P Guitar 1 Hum 2 Single Coil $280.00 to $390.00
STB P7 P Guitar 2 Hum 1 Single Coil $380.00 to $390.00
STB P Custom P Guitar Custom Pickup Routing
STB XM M Bass $450.00 to $550.00 
STB XP P Bass $300.00 to $450.00 
STB X Custom Custom Made Bodies Call For Price
STB MDBL M Body  Doubleneck New With Logo  $1,500.00
STB ML M Body Lefthanded New With Logo $1,150.00
  LSR Bodies  Are Much Nicer & Cost Less  
STB GS Original GS Body $650.00

 LSR Headless Guitars  

NEW!! Headless Guitar Wall Hangers

 Call Us To Purchase This

Parts, Sales, Service, Repair, Advice

Ed Roman's LSR Headless Guitars has acquired several hundred thousand dollars of Original Steinberger guitars & parts.

LSR has no affiliation with the Gibson Guitar Company that has acquired the trade name Steinberger and LSR is most definitely positively not affiliated in way whatsoever with “Music Yo” which was Gibson’s Sales vehicle to sell the imported product on the uneducated consumer/beginner market.

The slick very well done advertisements for “Music Yo” depict all the familiar Steinberger body shapes. Be aware these are very definitely NOT THE ORIGINAL MODELS and as far as we can tell absolutely none of the parts are interchangeable, Not even the strings.

LSR is affiliated with Ed Roman’s Abstract Gtrs, Roman  Bass Gtrs Quicksilver GtrsPearlcaster Gtrs

LSR is an American Company, LSR Products are all American made and normally LSR has no involvement or interaction with Korean or Asian companies.  There are certain situations where it becomes unavoidable and LSR must deal with Asian companies for certain parts but LSR does that strictly as a last resort.

LSR will be manufacturing products to fit the real USA Steinberger guitars as soon as patents expire.  LSR also plans a new stop tail piece bridge and several other new items that will fit LSR Guitars and retrofit on Steinberger Guitars.

LSR is dedicated to keeping the original Ned Steinberger guitars alive & well.  LSR is planning to try and reduce prices on many of the hard to find parts as soon as possible so that the cost factor will no longer be quite as high.

 LSR manufactures over 100 different body styles for their Guitars, these body styles will retrofit on all Steinberger’s made in the USA from day one to the last days of production in the 90’s. LSR will offer over 20 different kinds of woods and a multitude of wood combinations on all LSR Guitars and of course these will retrofit on original Steinberger’s also.




 LSR Headless Guitars