Roman Vintage Custom Blues Deluxe Guitars

RVC Blues Deluxe

All Solid Wood. No Plywood Like On All The Corporate Brands

Roman Vintage Custom Blues Deluxe with TV Jones Pickups

Blues Deluxe Available with TV Jones or Choice of Pickups!


All Solid Wood

The Blues Deluxe is the finest slimline guitar I have seen anywhere
They sound far superior to anything even at 3 times the price.

See How Thick The Piece Of Solid Maple Is
Our Competitors  Gibson, Heritage, Washburn, D'Angelico All Use Plywood !!!!

 One Of A Kind Solid White Blues Deluxe ... Pictures

As a major retailer and guitar builder over the last 15 years I have been privileged to work with some of the worlds best guitar companies.  


The Tacoma V series was designed in conjunction with Julian Henslee of Tacoma & myself.  I worked with Heritage to co-design 7 different models, I am responsible for the original designs of the McNaught Guitars (Centurion) I am not going to go into all the different guitars I have designed and or co-designed because it would take too long.

I have partnered up with John Bolin, Joe Veillette, Rick Turner & Steve Helgeson to develop new designs & Models. I worked at Steinberger and designed the Mega Axe headstock guitar.


Recently I have been working extensively to develop the new Slimline All Solid Top, Back & Sides double cutaway model that we are calling the Blues Deluxe.


Seeing as how I designed & owned the original rights to the now defunct Original Blues Deluxe for Heritage back in 1997,  it was only fitting that we call this guitar by the same name.


The new Roman Blues Deluxe is available in 4 different models and 5 colors on the first run.  These guitars have been designed to approximate the  look of the traditional 50's & 60's double cutaway slimline that resembles the BB King, Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton style.

Currently Chuck Berry Has One,  BB King has one, Kerry Livgren has one to mention a few known 335 players.


These guitars have been designed to look like the old retro models but that's where the similarities end.


99 percent of all the slimline guitars manufactured today by Heritage, Gibson, Washburn, are made out of plywood. That's right you read it right, PLYWOOD.  In case you don't know what plywood is I will explain for the uninformed.


Plywood is made from lots of thin pieces of wood that are all glued together with grains facing in different directions for added strength.   The main problem with plywood is that it does not sound like real wood. In fact the glue between the layers gobbles up all the sweet resonant overtones. These plywood guitars are not carved they are simply shaped with a scalding hot steam press.  The Blues Deluxe is hand carved like a violin or a $20,000.00 Archtop Jazz Guitar.


The Blues Deluxe is available with a hand carved maple top or a hand carved Spruce Top. The guitar is completely manufactured, assembled and set up in Ed Roman's custom shop in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.


This model comes with a real Bigsby Tremolo or a Tone Pros bridge. These guitars are available with Mahogany back & sides and/Flame maple back & sides. We also offer more than 50 custom options.  We offer over 5 different custom tailpieces including the classic finger tailpiece, Custom ebony tailpiece. You can even get a D'Angelico stair-step art deco tailpiece.



There will be no proprietary HRW or 410 pickups, The Roman comes stock with premium top end Seymour Duncan pickups. Ebony Fretboards, Multiple binding all around, even the F holes.   As far as Ed Roman is concerned the Heritage HRW pickups are the same $12.00 pickups that Heritage uses in all their guitars. They may have one or two windings difference but the fact that Heritage is charging far in excess of $150.00 per pickup  Buyer Beware Big Time.

Please contact Ed Roman Guitars for complete information regarding this guitar.


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Tone To The Bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roman Blues Deluxe All Solid Wood
 Featuring Tom Holmes Pickups & Finger Tailpiece
 USA Construction

It Just Don't Get Any Better Than This !!!

Legendary hand wound, hand made, Tom Holmes gold plated pickups joined with the solid carved front & back make for a sound that is unsurpassed by any guitar in the entire world.  The quality of the tonewood is second to none.

Roman Blues Deluxe
Prices Starting at $2,995.00

As a major retailer and guitar builder over the last 15 years I have been privileged to work with some of the worlds best guitar companies.


Before this guitar, there were no Slimline Double cutaway models available, from any major manufacturer at any price that are also hand carved and made from100% solid wood.

These guitars will be available with a choice of Mahogany Back & Sides or Flame Maple Back & Sides, multiple choices of Finger Tailpiece, Ebony Tailpiece, Bigsby Tremolo or a Tone Pros bridge.  There will be no off brand proprietary HRX or 410 pickups like Gibson or Heritage, The Blues Deluxe will come stock with the top of the line Seymour Duncan 59' pickups. Ebony Fretboards & Multiple binding all around, even the binding on the F holes will be standard faire. The Inlay is your choice of real MOP or Abalone

I have personally played these guitars and I am very confident that this guitar is the finest guitar of it's type in the world and have no competition for some years to come.

Ed Roman 

Solid Wood!!
Look at the thickness of the wood in the pickup cavity !!!
Over 1" Thick Real Solid Wood --- NO PLYWOOD HERE !!!

 Spruce Top Or Maple Top Follow This Link


Hello Ed,

My name is Michael Amadio. I'm from the Bay Area and I just finished going through most of your site. I have to say I'm highly impressed with your products, attitude, frankness and this amazing ability to teach within such small paragraphs.
I learned a real lot this evening reading your views and opinions, sharing with me the knowledge you have amassed throughout your years doing what you do and love.

Thank you.

I was curious about one thing though, You mentioned how production model semi-hollows from the big guys are made of plywood. I had read the specs of Gretsch guitars seeing that they are made of laminate.
I wondered what the difference was?   (Same Thing,   Ed)
It always threw me how expensive Gretsch guitars were knowing what their body's were made of but I'm not educated enough in the wood family to know differences and nuances.
And I never knew what the names for their pickup lines meant, actually never questioned it. But I just came from reading about it all thanks to you and I'm blown away.

I turn 50 next month and man I love learning new things about the guitar. I appreciate what you say and how you say it.

I will be replacing the neck soon and I'm thinking of going through you. Currently it has a Rosewood fingerboard, it seems alright for now but I may be going for a Maple fingerboard.
I'm really liking your Pearlcasters, quite amazing.

Anyway,  I hope to visit Vegas one day soon and man, your place will be first to got to!
Thanks for letting me ramble on.

Michael Amadio

Ed Roman Offers Full Financing Anywhere In The USA





Pressed Maple Plywood Top

Pressed Maple Plywood Top

Hand Carved Solid Spruce or Maple Top

Pressed & Steamed Plywood back & sides

Pressed & Steamed Plywood back & sides

Hand Carved Solid Mahogany or Maple Back & Sides

Roll-o-matic Bridge

Tun-o-matic Bridge

TONE/PROS Tun-o-matic Bridge

Mop Dot Inlays

Mop Dot Inlays

Mop Large Block Inlays

Schaller Made Inexpensive Pickups

Gibson Proprietary Pickups

Seymour Duncan Pickups Stock

 Available With Some Options

NO Options Available

Available With Countless Options

Available In Double Cut Only

Available In Double Cut Only

Available In Double Cut Or Single Cut

Available With Bigsby Bigsby Not Available Available With Bigsby
No Custom Placement Custom Wiring add 300.00 Minimum No Custom Placement Or Wiring Available

Custom Knob Placement Free Custom Wiring Free

I year Useless Warranty (Inquire) Useless Limited Warranty 1 Year Unlimited Warranty
Stock Pickups any thing else costs big time extra Stock Pickups any thing else costs big time extra Any Pickup is Available

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Solid Spruce Tops

Ed Roman's New Model For 2009


The revolutionary slimline no heel neck joint for 2009
Full Hollow Body All Solid Wood, Bent Side Construction, 
Archtops & Archback,  5 Piece Necks, No Heel, Gold Frets, Custom Radius
Custom Body Shapes, Custom Headstocks, Custom Hardware
Contact Ed Roman Custom Shop
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Ed Roman USA made All Solid Wood Blues Deluxe 2009

Also Available in the standard 335 Style Shape

Wooden Binding, All Access Neck Joint

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