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This Guitar Has A Lot Of Flash
That's the way the customer ordered it !!!

Ed Roman Exclusive All Access Neck


Reach the Highest Frets Effortlessly

Spectacular Flamed Maple Neck



2009 Ed Roman Introduces the No Heel Slimline Guitars



New Headstock For 2009
You can order any shape headstock you like !!!!

Over the past 20 years I have built very few acoustic guitars !!!!   I favor electrics for almost everything, plus the climate in Las Vegas was not conducive to constructing an acoustic guitar. But then again neither is San Diego and that doesn't stop Taylor.

We are considering a location up in the mountains outside of Las Vegas to set up a small facility to hand make acoustic guitars. The mean temperature & humidity levels would be more than satisfactory.

In the past, If I built an acoustic instrument, You can be sure it was  some kind of experimental project, made from some type of wood that no one is currently using or it may incorporate some type of new concept that I am experimenting with.

The one in this picture is made from black korina back & sides, which is something I have never seen before in an acoustic.

I have scheduled a trip up to Santa Cruz to meet with Rick Turner who builds some of the finest acoustic guitars, mandolins & ukuleles on the planet. I am hoping to pick up some new information that will be helpful to me in planning my new facility.

More on this later !!!!


This is my original design, I favor cutaways & obscure woods.
I borrowed from the Tacoma Little Jumbo Series that the old V series guitars were.


This one is built from solid spalted maple. The maple is bright, but still very resonant. I decided to make it fancy because I wanted to make certain it would sell, even if the guitar was not the best sounding instrument in the world. Remember these were experimental guitars.

It's a real shame that most people buy guitars based on the looks. or worse yet on the name. The sound is of little importance as far as sales are concerned. If you are Gibson or Taylor you could get away with anything. The Taylor Baby and the Martin backpacker are perfect examples.

Incredible as it sounds, Gibson uses plywood to build most of their Jazz archtops and ES335 series guitars. Name says it all today in our world of branding & name recognition.



See my exotic woods page for ideas for your acoustic


Lots of Pretty Abalone Inlay

I tried to make this photo large enough to see all the intricate detail in the wood.
But I failed !!!
The guitar looks far better than these pictures !!!





The revolutionary slimline no heel neck joint for 2009
  We are only building 3 or 4 of these a year
Choice of thickness. Diameter, Headstock. Scale, & Radius