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Rock Star Owned, Stage Played, and Autographed Guitars

D Angelico NYL-2 Guitar, Stage Played by Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills. D'Angelico NYL-2 Guitar, 2004, Excellent Condition, Provenance Includes Photo of Stephen Stills Playing Guitar and Letter from D'Angelico Artist Relations Director 2003-2005. 3G


BC Rich Stealth Guitar Signed by Rick Derringer, Ed Roman Guitars

Rick Derringer. BC Rich Stealth Guitar, Excellent Condition, USA Made Neck-Through Body Guitar, Kahler Tremolo, Original Hard Shell Case, Signed on Back Plate by Rick Derringer in 2001. 3G


BC Rich Warlock Guitar, Signed by Mick 7

Mick 7. BC Rich Warlock Guitar, 2011 New Old Stock, Signed by Mick 7. 3G


ESP LTD Prototype for the Demon Guitar

Michael Wilton. Prototype for the ESP LTD Demon Guitar, Seymour Duncan HSS. Played and Signed by Michael Wilton of Queensryche. 3G314401012


Gibson Gothic Flying Vee Guitar

Tracii Guns. Gibson Flying Vee Gothic Guitar. Made in USA, Played on "Tonight" show by Tracii Guns. 4G


Disturbed. BC Rich Bass, Hand-Jeweled Distrubed Art Top, Signed by All Members of Disturbed. 4G


U2 Artwork on Gibson Epiphone Les Paul

U2 Art Guitar. Gibson Epihone Les Paul, Hand-Jeweled U2 Art Top, Played by U2 Tribute band. 4G


Bootsy Collins. Fender Precision Bass. Hand-Jeweled  Skull Art Top, Stage Played by Bootsy Collins. Multiple Signatures, Bands Include Warrant and Firehouse. 4G


Mark Kendall Stage Played Quicksilver Guitar

Mark Kendall. Quicksilver Guitar Stage Played by Mark Kendall. This guitar was Ed Roman's personal Quicksilver guitar, which he loaned to Mark.


Paul Crook's Stage Played Ed Roman Guitars

Paul Crook. Paul Crook's Stage-Played Ed Roman Guitars. Paul Traded in his World Famous Abstract Guitars for Quicksilver Guitars. These Guitars Have Been Played in Front of Packed Stadiums Around the World.


Ted Nugent.From Ed Roman's Private Collection, This Was Ted Nugent's Guitar, Ted Owned it for Approximately 5 Years and Used it when he Played with EVH. It is One of the First Baretta's Made, Given to Ted by Dennis Berardi & Andy Papiccio of Kramer Fame.


Kevin Dubrow. Kramer Original USA Baretta: Maple Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, 1 3/4" Nut Width, Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker Pickup, Original Floyd Rose Tremolo, 1 Master Volume, Coil Tap Switch, Schaller Tuners, Black Hardware, Autographed on back by Kevin Dubrow/Quiet Riot 2000. 2G94000102-2480


Disturbed. Schecter Jagermeister Guitar autographed by the band Disturbed. Includes deluxe signed Jagermeister Tour Coffin Case. 2G92500908-47077



Kip Winger's Hamer Bass Guitar

Kip Winger's Hamer Bass, Signed on Back of Headstock


Beautiful Custom Made Acoustic Guitar.
Ted Nugent Stage Played


JJ French Of Twisted Sister Partial Collection

Ed Roman and John Entwistle's Buzard Bass #1

Ed Roman with John Entwistle's Buzard Bass

Ed Roman and Mark Kendall Kramer

Ed and Mark Kendall's Signed Great White Kramer

Ed Roman and Fernandez

Ed Roman With Steve Stevens Fernandez Guitar


Ed Roman Demonstrating The Correct Way To Play Jerry Garcia's Guitar
Guitar Has Been Sold

Ed Roman with Chris Squire's Rickenbacker Bass

Ed's Checking Out Chris Squire's Rickenbacker

Ed Roman with Kip Winger's Hamer Bass   Ed Roman Playing Kip Winger's Hamer Bas

Ed Displays Kip Winger's Hamer Bass with Aplomb


Ed With Dweezil Zappa'a Kramer From The 80's

Ed With Robin Trower's Strat

The Famous PRS Explorer Made For Billy Gibbons
This Is Probably The Nicest PRS Guitar I Have Ever Played !!!!
Notice It Has The Tune O Matic Bridge That PRS Never Uses

We Are Replicating These Guitars
We Start With A PRS Custom Or Classic & We Make A Body Exactly Like The Photo
The Original Guitar Can Be Bought For $150,000.00
Because Ed Roman's Shop Is One Of The Few Shops That Is Capable of Painting a Fingerboard.
We Are One Of The Few Builders Who Can Truly Replicate This Super Rare PRS 
The Guitar Looks Amazing With Gold Hardware & Gold Frets !!!!
It Also Comes As A Quicksilver
Ed Roman


 Hamer Scarab Bass Owned By Jack Blades Of Night Ranger

This Is Jack Blades Personal Hamer Scarab Bass.

If You Like The Discontinued Scarab Body Shape Then Take A Look At The Abstract Pharaoh

Paintings & Artwork > Paul Stanley > KISS Guitars


Ace Frehley Ibanez Destroyer $30,000.00
Call Ed Roman guitar is 40 years old & Is In Good Condition

John Mayer's Personally Owned Stratocaster

$10,000.00    SOLD

Stage Played & Autographed By John Mayer



It Even Comes With One Of His Picks 

 See The  John Mayer Page

    Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse


Call For More Info! This Guitar Is #2 Of 2 Custom Made For Paul Stanley
This guitar was custom made (Ghostbuilt) by Performance Guitar
This is not a Normal Silvertone Guitar
It was custom made along with another one for Paul Stanley

The Picture Does Not Do Justice To This Guitar. This Is A Stunning Guitar!
Multicolored Silver Metalflake
Hand Signed By Paul When He Sold It !!!!
See A Bunch Of Different Paul Stanley Guitars

Multi Color Metalflake On The Front, Back And Headstock

Signed By Paul Stanley! Oh, And Did I Mention That This Guitar is #2 Of Two Made!

Inlays Of MOP & Abalone

It Comes With A Very Plush Case That Is Bound In Leather On The Outside!

This Is The Shroud  (Inside the Case)

The Exterior Of The Case Is Real Leather!

Ibanez Paul Stanley Iceman



 This Guitar Was Made In 1978    
And Is In Very Good To Excellent Condition.
See More Paul Stanley Guitars

 Hand Signed By Paul Stanley

It Comes With The Original Plush Hard-shell Form Fit Case

See More Paul Stanley Guitars

(702) 597-0147

Guitar Stage Played  By Autographed By Condition Price
Silvertone Apocalypse Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Perfect Like New 15,000.00
Washburn Paul Stanley - SOLD Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Perfect Mint 12,000.00
Ibanez Iceman 1978 - SOLD Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Close To Mint 18,000.00
PRS 913 Carlos Santana Las Vegas 2010 Carlos Santana & Paul Reed Smith Like New 10,000.00

Night-Ranger Guitar
Used in the early days before Hamer

Jeff Watson's Explorer, Formerly Owned By Brad Gillis


This Guitar Is In Stock Please Call

2 Famous owners Pete Townshend of The Who
December 1973 Guitar magazine interview

Pete Townshend: I find I can get the sound I want from any guitar. At the moment I�m using Gretsch's with double-pole pick-ups. In the studio I use a Chet Atkins-type Gretsch. On stage I use the �Les Paul� Gretsch. It�s the same shape as a Les Paul, but it sounds like a Gretsch. Those pick-ups have a fantastic sound. I think it�s mainly the set-up, you know. I�ve got amps specially made for me by Hi-Watt. They don�t make it any more for the open market, but they do especially for me. They�re incredibly robust, very loud, distorted in the right way, and clean when I want them to be clean. It�s the only common denominator about my sound. I swap guitars around. I use Gretsch's, Gibsons and sometimes Fenders, for their strength. I know people like Ronnie Wood had their guitars especially made for them, custom made. Never been moved that way myself. I can get away with anything because the amps are so good.


The guitar featured:

  • Two Filter�Tron humbucking pickups; volume control for each pickup, master volume, tone and pickup-selector switch;
  • Single cutaway 13� wide body, maple top
  • Rosewood fretboard with thumbprint (neoclassic) inlays
  • Zero-fret
  • Trapeze tailpiece (no Bigsby vibrato)



Gibson Richie Sambora Model Prototype
Made on an L5S Platform
Personally Owned & Stage Played By Richie Sambora

GUITAR Stage Played By Autographed By Condition Price
Kramer AXE Bass #`1
The Very First One Made
Gene Simmons Yes By Gene Simmons Very Good 50,000.00
J Frog George Lynch Yes By George Lynch Very Good $12,000.00
Ibanez Destroyer Ace Frehley Yes By Ace Frehley 9 out Of 10 $15,000.00
Fender Cstm Shop Mary Kaye Mary Kaye Yes By Mary Kaye, Her last Autograph before she died. Excellent $7,500.00
Kramer Baretta Ted Nugent With EVH Yes By Ted Nugent Excellent $10,000.00
Roman Locomotive Lita Ford Lita Ford Excellent $12,500.00
BLUE OYSTER CULT LOGO Guitar Eric Bloom YES  Eric Bloom Excellent   3G8560400209 $8,000.00
Fender Doubleneck - SOLD Yngwie Malmsteen No Excellent (scalloped) $15,000.00
Gibson  Lucille No Yes By BB King Excellent $8,000.00
Epiphone Lucille Yes By BB King Very Good $3,000.00
Gibson L5S Richie Sambora Yes By Richie Sambora SOLD
Kramer Doubleneck Richie Sambora No Very Very Good $15,000.00
Gibson Les Paul Ted Nugent Yes By Ted Nugent Very Good to Excellent $25.000.00
Kramer Custom Made Mark Kendall Yes By All Members Great White    
Gibson Byrdland Ted Nugent Yes By Ted Nugent Very Good $59,000.00

Kramer Bass Kassim Sulton   Played But Solid $1,995.00
Ibanez Affirma Bass President Bill Clinton Excellent  $3,995.00

PRS 513 Carlos Santana Yes By Carlos Santana Close To Mint  $10,000.00
J. Turser Strat Copy Fuel New $799.00


Carlos Santana 513
PRS's Most Expensive Production Model
Call For Price

GUITAR Stage Played By Autographed By Condition Price
Charvel Striped Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen Excellent $19,000.00
Gretsch Country Gent

1960's Vintage

David Crosby
Roger McGuinn
No Autograph Very Good $8,500.00
Kramer Monsters Of Rock Eddie Van Halen Very Good $9,000.00
Quicksilver Ted Nugent Ted Nugent Autograph Under Finish (Mint)   $9,500.00
PRS   Zebra Ted Nugent Ted Nugent Excellent $39,000.00


I have played at least 5 of these!!   I can tell you that they don't feel anything like a stock Byrdland
On "The Great White Buffalo" the strings were so low it was unreal !!!
Ed Roman 2009






Ed With Tom Petersons 12 String Hamer Bass..  Which Eventually Went to Nikki Sixx in Motley Crue  Then To Jeff Watson In Night Ranger..

A bass with a lot of history attached to it. !!!!!


There are more than 300 replica guitars available
Call Ed Roman @ The Custom Shop  (702) 597-0147

Ed Roman Pearlcaster
Worlds Finest Traditional Guitars


David Crosby Staged Played and Owned Gretsch Electric Guitar

David Crosby's Original Early Country Gentleman
He bought it because George Harrison played them.
This Guitar was acquired directly from Jim McGuinn
Call Ed Roman for more info  (702) 597-0147

Ed Roman Also Has The George Harrison Limited Edition Black Country Gentleman

This actual Rickenbacker in this photo is now available again
Price approximate $850.000.00

Eddie Ojeda's Custom Made Guitar
Call For Information


Abstract Custom Made Guitars


Mark Kendall With His Ed Roman Quicksilver 2011