John Mayer

John Mayer

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John Mayer Stopped By To Pick Up A Couple Of Highly Customized Guitars
John is one of the few newer guitar players out there who is really doing some new things.
John Mayer is one of my homeboys from Connecticut.

John is a true innovator, a great player & consummate musician
I predict he will be one of the few guitarists from the post 2000 era that will still be big in 30 years!
He is what you call Superstar Material !!!!
Ed Roman 2009

Currently This Stage Played Pre Endorsement Guitar of John's Is Available From Ed Roman 2009


John is Known For Playing Fabulous Fakes
He Played A Monterey Hendrix & A Crash Clapton
This appears to be his own new signature graphic that he will be seen with soon.
I am Told it is also a Crash Model
The Prices On These On a John Mayer Strat Will Be Approximately $3,200.00
Call Ed Roman For Info


John Mayer with His Clapton Crashocaster