Limited Edition Gretsch English Gentleman

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Oh Dear What Can I Do, Baby's in Black and I'm Feeling Blue
Tell Me, Oh What Can I Do!

grestsch george harrison g6122 ebony country gentleman

Limited Edition Black Beauty "English Gentleman"

One Sunday evening in early 1964 something happened that changed the history of the world, It changed my life totally and put me on the path of my greatest love,   Music !!!!!
John Paul George & Ringo playing "She Loves You",  "Please Please Me" and  "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
Of course TV was only black and white back then. When I saw George Harrison playing that beautiful Gretsch guitar I of course assumed it was black. Almost everyone else did too.

I had been listening to rock music for about 4 years at that time, I loved it. I had never seen a live band and I assumed that most bands were 4 guys standing next to each other on stage singing.
The night that I tuned in to Ed Sullivan and saw the Beatles USA debut, I was away from home with a bunch of other 12 year old kids. I remember it like it was yesterday. I knew I was going to play music my whole life and I knew that I would be listening to music till the day I died.

Offering this Black Country Gentleman Guitar is both a privilege and an honor. There are very few Gretsch dealers who carry this model.
I am convinced this is one of the best playing & looking guitars Gretsch has ever made.
You may call and contact me personally at the custom shop ((702) 597-0147) if you want to be one of the select few who will own this fine guitar.

Ed Roman

When The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show that February 1964, it was and remains the most important event in the history of rock music.

Those of us in our fifties today will always remember the music created by four lads from Liverpool, England. I can remember where I was during the assassination of President Kennedy on 10/22/63, we will also remember being transfixed in front of our 13" black & white TV's Sunday February 9, 1964, at 8 p.m., when the Beatles made their first American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.

On The first gig, the Beatles sang five songs in this order: All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. 73 million people saw The Beatles that night. The show had such an impact that most normal activities in America came to a standstill watching their performance. Mass hysteria happened repeatedly wherever the Beatles played, Beatlemania was in full swing.

The Beatles went on to appear, eight more times on the Ed Sullivan Show. The Beatles were only paid $10,000.00. But the show made them famous.

I was talking to Hilton Valentine about the British Invasion Phenomenon (Hilton was the lead guitarist for the Animals and my very first guitar hero) He told me in these exact words (The Beatles kicked the door open for the rest of us). I got into a conversation with Eric Burdon himself about the Animals on the Ed Sullivan show. I commented "I remember Ed Sullivan reaching over and tousling your hair in a very condescending manner." Eric went off on a tirade about Ed Sullivan for a good 5 minutes, It seems that everyone hated him & Eric couldn't stand him.

The next appearance on the show was on 02/16/1964. A live performance, Broadcast from their hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. In preparation for this appearance, The Beatles played to a live audience during the afternoon at the hotel, then at 8 p.m., played the Sullivan Show live performance via satellite. The Beatles sang six songs; She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

The next Sullivan performance came on February 23, 1964. Technically, this was their first performance, because The Beatles recorded this performance on February 9, 1964, before their historical "first" appearance. This program was taped that afternoon for airing three Sundays later. The Beatles played three songs, Twist and Shout, Please Please Me, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. This was the performance, if you remember that Ed Sullivan thanked The Beatles for "being four of the nicest youngsters."

When The Beatles came back to the USA in 1965, and while preparing for their famous concert at Shea Stadium in New York, they taped six songs on August 14, to be aired on the Sullivan Show on September 12, 1965. The Beatles played six songs; I Feel Fine, I'm Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday and Help! Although taped, this would be the last "live" performance The Beatles did for The Ed Sullivan Show.

But, The Beatles still appeared a few more times, via tape. June 5, 1966 two music "videos were shown."   Rain and Paperback Writer.

Although The Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show nine times, they only actually were present on his stage at the Ed Sullivan Theatre once on February 9, 1964. Every other time, it was telecast live from another location or a video tape.

Cecil Rice & Two Of His Closest Friends
With Their English Gentleman Gretsch Guitars

If you are looking for the ultimate Beatlesque guitar, look no further, This is the one George used on all of those original great songs. From driving rhythm to ripping leads, the classic double-cutaway Country Gentleman  has it all!  Features include dual High Sensitive Filter'Tron� pickups, "tone switch" circuitry, "action-flow" neck,
double mutes, back pad and Bigsby� B6G vibrato tailpiece.



  • COLOR   Jet Black

  • BODY STYLE Double Cutaway

  • SCALE LENGTH 24.6" (625mm)

  • TOP Archtop Maple

  • BACK AND SIDES Maple Body, 17" Wide, 2" Deep

  • NECK 3-Piece Maple

  • PICKUPS 2 High Sensitive Filter'Tron TM Pickups

  • PICKUP SWITCHING 3-Position Toggle:
    Position 1. Bridge Pickup
    Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups
    Position 3. Neck Pickup

  • CONTROLS Volume 1. (Neck Pickup),
    Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup),
    Master Volume,
    Standby Switch,
    3-Position Toggle Master Tone Switch:
    Position 1. Medium Level, High Frequency Roll Off
    Position 2. Switch Out of the Circuit, Pickup is Wide Open (That Great Gretsch Sound!)
    Position 3. Slight Level, High Frequency Roll Off

  • WIDTH AT NUT 1-11/16" (43mm)

  • FRETBOARD  Premium Ebony, 12" Radius (305mm)

  • BRIDGE Ebony-Based Gold "Rocking" Bar Bridge

  • MUTE SWITCHES   Available on all models except the first 16 that were made.

  • TAILPIECE Gretsch Bigsby� B6G Vibrato Tailpiece

  • HARDWARE Gold-Plated

  • FINISH Gloss Urethane JET BLACK

  • NO. OF FRETS 22 (Plus Zero Fret)

  • MACHINE HEADS   Grover� Imperial TM Gold-Plated Die-cast Tuners