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The Fender Custom Shop Mustang: #8 of 35

This guitar was made by Fender in conjunction with Ford Motor Company to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the legendary Ford Mustang. Only 35 were ever made and only 15 were released to the public.

This guitar is in immaculate condition. The body is mirror  polished chrome with the Ford Mustang hood ornament, an integral part and "Mustang" etched in the body. Inlaid "Ford " style running mustangs made of MOP, Copper, Brass and Silver adorn the fret board running away from the peg head. One volume and two tone knobs are original 1964 � Mustang radio controls! Chrome headstock plate as well. Not shown in pictures is an incredible birds eye maple neck. This guitar is extremely difficult to photograph due to the highly polished surface with a studio�s indirect lighting.

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Mark Knopfler Owned Pensa-Suhr Guitar
We Can Fabricate You An Exact Replica


Greg Rich Gibson Art Guitars

One of the few Greg Rich Gibson Art Guitars. Gibson sold this guitar direct for $39,000.00 back in 1989. I recently met with Greg and he told me the story of this Las Vegas beauty.  If you look closely there are icons representing all of the Las Vegas hotels that were around in 1989.  From the Aladdin to the Dunes to the Stardust to the Golden Nugget. This guitar will be selling for a mere $20.000.00. The owner wants to move it quick. I personally believe this guitar could fetch a lot more but the owner has set the price. The picture does not begin to show all the detail on this guitar. Gibson listed it at $50,000.00 in 1989 and it sold for $39,000.00. I also sell plexi glass wall mounted showcases for guitars like this.  


For The True Johnny Ramone Fan
Only 3 or 4 Left  Call Ed Roman Soon

Mosrite Johnny Ramone Forever Model

Limited to 30 pieces total worldwide,  Johnny Ramone designed this guitar just before he died

Royalties on this guitar are paid to his family.

 Call Ed Roman For Information... (702) 597-0147

The First & Only PRS Ever Made With Korina Wood

This is the one and only guitar that PRS ever made from Korina wood. It was purchased by Tom Ivory in 1999 for $10.000.00. I bought it from Tom for $9,000.00 in 2002. This guitar was made for a PRS endorser who insisted on Korina or no endorsee deal. I believe that this is probably the best sounding set neck guitar that PRS has constructed since 1995. This guitar is signed by Paul under the finish (rare) and also signed by Joe Knaggs. This guitar qualifies as a Private Stock except that it was given to the artist for free. The finish and stain treatment done to the top and back are reminiscent of the original PRS guitars.  I especially like the rich textured finish of the Korina. I will be offering the same wood combination & finish on my Quicksilver, Centurion  & Viking Models for 2003.

Yngwie Malmsteen's Strat Doubleneck

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The Light Show Guitar
We Can Convert Any Rickenbacker Gibson Etc Into A Light Show Guitar
We Can Mount Lasers, Sequencers, Smoke Machines & Pyrotechnics To Any Guitar You Like


Custom Modified For Tony Fredianelli
Third Eye Blind


Tony Fredianelli on tour with "Third Eye Blind"
This Wild FX Guitar built by DJ who is one of my henchmen in the custom shop.

Gibson Guitar With Built In Lasers, Rotating Mirrors
Neck Camera, Stabilizing Bar Custom Pickguard, Custom Mirrored Tailpiece
Custom F Hole, Prismatic Laser,  LED's in the neck & headstock.

Reshaped Heel, Smoked Plastic Cover & Stabilizing Bar
This is what you have to do to make sure your Gibson won't break
Gibson Guitars Break More than all other electric guitars we sell put together.
We Ran Wires Through This Steel Tube So It Served A Dual Purpose.


Notice This Fender has 24 Frets
hmmmm  Does Fender Make a 24 Fret Neck !!!!
Not to my knowledge !!!!
Could this be a Ghostbuilt Guitar
Call Ed Roman If You Want a 24 Fret Fender !!!!!!!

Custom Made Yngwie Malmsteen's


This Guitar Was Stolen We Are Offering A Reward


JET Guitars are not cheap  they run from $3,500.00 to $9,000.00

But They Are Worth Every Penny