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Viking Guitars  AKA  (Centurion Guitars) Viking Price List
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 Viking Guitars Are The Same As Centurion Guitars Except For The Headstock
Both Brands Were Made & Designed By Ed Roman


Viking Guitars Were Made In 2003 & 2004 They Were The Predecessor  of The Roman Centurion Guitar
There were very few made 27 to be exact !!   They sold between $6,500.00 & $10,000.00 the last ones were heavily discounted out because the headstock.

The Original Moonstone inspired headstock proved to be hard to sell so the brand was consolidated into the Centurion Line


We Will Still Build One Of These Special Order
The Price Will Be Comparable To A Centurion

Custom Appointments

You could order this guitar with custom neck size, custom wiring and custom body thickness at no extra charge. You can order up to 40 different wood combinations, any pickups you like or any bridge you want. You can specify weight, feel, action and cosmetics. It is truly a custom instrument.

Hand Made Quality

All Viking Guitars are totally HAND MADE, one at a time from beginning to end.  Very few companies can make this claim and still deliver such a high grade of consistent quality.

You may order any of 100 color choices at no extra charge, Tone Chambers no extra charge, your choice of body thicknesses at no extra charge as well as your choice of neck size at no extra charge.  This is the distinct advantage that hand making a guitar one at a time affords.

Viking Guitar,  Parakeet Inlay

Viking Guitar, Linx Inlay 


This guitar along with JET Guitars is a contender for Guitar of the Year 2004