Gibson Les Paul Guitars vs. Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitars

Gibson Les Paul Guitars Vs Quicksilver Guitars

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   Quicksilver Guitar versus Les Paul GuitarQuicksilver Guitars versus Les Paul Guitars

Quicksilver Offers Superior Fret Access

Notice how much longer the neck on the Quicksilver is compared to The Les Paul
Notice the fingerboard on the Les Paul    Eight (8) full frets rest on top of the body
The Quicksilver Comes In 24 Fret Models Only Therefore The Access Is Further Extended
The neck pickup in the Quicksilver actually hard-mounts to the neck itself
There is a tongue on the Quicksilver neck that makes it possible for this to happen.


Body & Tone Quicksilver Les Paul
Gets The Great Gibson Signature Ballsy Sound YES YES
Gets The Great Fender Strat Nasal Duck-Tone Twang YES NO
Gets A Mellow Jazz Tone In Dual & Single Coil Mode YES NO
Gets The Great Sharp Surf, Country, Bluesy Tele Sound YES NO
Gets A Nice Clean Discernable Sound Playing Power Chords YES NO
Archtop Maple Top Over Mahogany  YES YES
Archtop 42 Exotic Top Woods Over 15 Different Backwoods YES NOT A CHANCE
Body Binding Available YES YES
Figured Top YES YES
Top Construction Technique One Piece Or 2 Piece 2 Piece Or 3 Piece
Highly Figured Top    Gibson offers it for approx. $1000.00 Yes For Much Less Doesn't Measure Up
Custom Body Shapes Available Over 100 Shapes Don't Even Think It
Customer Designed Body Shapes Available Slightly Extra How Dare You !!!
Weight Comparison Much Lighter Way Too Heavy
Neck Quicksilver Les Paul
Set Neck Available Yes "Only Way"
Neck Thru Body Available Not Available
Deep Set Neck Tenon Available Not Available
Bolt In Neck Available Not Available
Bound Neck  Available Available
Bound Headstock Available Yes Only On Custom
Ebony Fretboard Gibson doesn't do ebony except on the custom. Available  Yes Only On Custom
Rosewood Fretboard Most Gibson's come with a Rosewood Fingerboard. Available Yes
Maple Fretboard Available No Never Available
Exotic Wood Necks  Brazilian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Flamed Maple, Honduras Mahogany, Available Do Not Pass Go
Do Not Collect 200.00
 Go Directly To Jail
Lacey Act Compliant YES Apparently Not
Thick Ebony Overlay On Headstock  (Gibson uses plastic) Standard No Just Plastic
Matching Finish Headstock Available Rarely
Bound Headstock  Gibson Only On The Most Expensive Model Available No
24 Frets   Les Paul's only come in 22 Frets. Standard Never
Real MOP Or Abalone Inlays    Gibson Mostly Uses Plastic Available Yes Only On Custom
Custom Inlays Available Never
Electronics Quicksilver Les Paul
Hard-Mounted Pickups YES NO
1 Pickup In Neck 1 Pickup In Body YES NO
2 Humbucking Pickups YES YES
Custom Pickup Location  Available Never
EMG Pickups Available Available No
Duncan Pickups Available  Available No
Jason Lollar Pickups Available Available No
Dimarzio Pickups Available Available No
PRS Pickups Available Available No
Choice Of Colors 1000 Choices Usually 3 to 5 Choices
Push Pull Coil Splitters Available No
Any Kind Of Coil Splitter Available No 
Hardware Quicksilver Les Paul
Tune-O-Matic Bridge Available Available Yes
Tone/Pros Bridge Available Available No
Floyd Trem, Kahler Trem, PRS Trem, Any Trem All Available No
Gold Hardware Available  Yes Only On Custom
Buzz Feiten System Available From Factory Available No
Earvana Tuning System Factory Installed Available No
Tremolo System 5 or 6 Available No
Here's Another No Brainer

The Gibson doesn't include Gold, it cost thousands extra for a figured top and only comes with a one year limited warranty.

The Gibson costs more and delivers less.

2/3rds of the Gibson price is for the name.

Prices Start at approximately $2400 street price


Quicksilvers Start At 2195, 00 including all necessary upgrades.


Quicksilver Offers Numerous Options that Gibson Or PRS Do Not Even Offer At Any Cost




If I Have Forgotten Or Left Anything Out Pro Or Con Please Let Me Know.
Please supply me with info that makes Gibson look better !!!!
This comparison is so one sided it is almost unbelievable.
This comparison would be more credible if I could print several things about a Gibson That are better.
I need your help, all intelligent answers, comments or opposing views will be printed.
Just keep it civil,   I will print your comments exactly as you send them.


Quicksilvers Come In Many Different Body Shapes
The Necks & All Parts Are Usually completely Interchangeable


Full Comparison For Gibson Les Paul & Ed Roman Baker          

Full Comparison For PRS Custom & Ed Roman Baker

Longer Thinner Neck Means Easier Playing Access
Bolt In Neck (Correctly Executed) Means Cleaner High End & More Stability!!
Unfinished Neck Means Better Tone, Faster Playability & Better Feel
Headstock Volute Means Neck Won't Break Where All Gibson's Break
High Quality Tuners Won't Slip Like The Cheap Plastic Gibson
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