Quicksilver Guitar Models & Body Shapes

Quicksilver Models
Billy Gibbons Excelero Mark Kendall Shark Guitar
Avanti Ted Nugent Derringer Guitar
Katana Ronny North Classic
Flaming V Mark Slaughter Fang Model
Wanderer  Quicksilver Classic Neck Thru Body Models
PRS Hybrid Quickcaster 25  New For 2012
Theme Guitars Flatliner
Singlecut Omega Cutout
Keith Urban (Country Hall Of Fame Guitar)  

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Flametop Quicksilver Classic Model
Gallery Showing Custom Woods

Quicksilver Serial Numbers As Of 06/01/10

Brand Model Designation Year

First Number

Serial #
Quicksilver Classic QC 2010 1600 QC10-1600
Quicksilver Katana QK 2010 001 QK10-001
Quicksilver Avanti QA 2010 001 QA10-001
Quicksilver Wanderer QX 2010 001 QX10-001
Quicksilver Singlecut QS 2010 001 QS10-001
Quicksilver V QV 2010 001 QV10-001
Quicksilver Omega QO 2010 002 QO10-002
Quicksilver Excelero QEXZZ 2010 001 QEXZZ-001

        We are introducing over 50 new shapes this year on our QUICKSILVER line.
These guitars are available with bolt in necks, set necks & neck thru body.

Quicksilver Katana - Now Available

Gallery Showing Custom Woods

The Katana Is Super Thin & Very Sleek

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Mark Kendall Quicksilver Shark Guitar

Custom Made Quicksilver For Mark Kendall   "Great White"

This Guitar Was Sold As A Kit      It Was Built Entirely By Daniel Day
It Took Him Less Than 3 Days To Build
Contact Ed Roman If You Want To Buy A Kit

Average Savings When Buying In Kit Form  $1,300.00


Quicksilver Flaming V Guitar

Quicksilver Wanderer 
The Best Sounding Guitar Of This Style On The Market !!!

The Quicksilver Is Now Available With Any Type Of Custom Body You Want. 

We can build your custom guitar in any shape you want,
Currently We Are Building A Jupiter Thunderbird Body Shape For Billy Gibbons (See The Excelero)

The Above Guitar Was Built For Arthur Busch.

This Guitar Features A Very Light Honduras Mahogany Body With A Jet Black Ebony 24 Fret Fingerboard.
This Guitar Plays Sounds & Generally Behaves Just Like Our Original Standard Quicksilver.
 The Neck & Body Is Completely Interchangeable With Any PRS 24 Fret Guitar Or Any Quicksilver Guitar.
This Guitar Comes In 42 Different Types Of Wood & Is Also Available With Custom Graphic Paintjobs.
 We Also Make This Guitar With An Aluminum Chrome Plated Body.
This Guitar Comes With Any Pickups Or Electronics You Desire.

 Quicksilver Singlecut For 2011

Gallery Showing Custom Wood

Quicksilver Avanti For 2011

Magnetic Cavity Covers

Gallery Showing Custom Wood


Avanti Mahogany Body

 40 Different Exotic Woods

Gallery Showing Custom Woods