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  Baker Vs PRS Shootout

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Read This Page & Learn Some Things You Probably Didn't Know
This Comparison Is On The New Lower Priced Baker & The High End PRS
It's Not Fair To PRS To Compare The USA Baker Guitar
The New PRS Guitars Are Not Even In The Same Class
Hello Ed

The Baker is very cool it plays like a PRS pre-factory custom 24.

Like you said the pickups are like a DiMarzio . So I am going to put a matched pair of Duncan Pearly gates in it.

I have one question is this Baker made in Japan being a Supreme 24 rather then a B1 which people are saying is made in Korea Like the Epi's are? Regardless the guitar is very , very nice and worth it .

After playing my Quicksilver that plays better then both of my 2 pre-factory PRS CE-24's and like I said the Baker plays like my pre-factory PRS custom 22 and any custom 24 I have played .  Very Nice Guitars that you build !

Along with the red Steinberger P Series Guitar JUST W0W!!!!!!!!!

Thank you ,
Jeff Turrisi


There Are Some Cheap Chinese Baker Copies Out There Usually Sold On Ebay.. They Sell Cheaply,  Use Your Head & You Won't Get Burnt.


Written By Ed Roman  2006

I have come up against a great deal of flack over my shoot-outs & comparisons !!!
I'm truly sorry, I just don't know of any more basic way to show a customer how something is a better value.  
My method is to look at the competition, pick it apart and show the weak-points. If I see any strong-points that I am not already doing, then I simply put it on my product.  I'm not afraid to be called a copy cat. I want to build the best guitar for the best price that you can find out there. I'll do the all comparison work for you!!
Naturally, I will always strive to find as many new innovations as possible, I go the extra mile to come up with better design ideas.   Like Our Magnetic Backplate, Like Our Neck Mounted Pickups & Full Contact Systems.

Yes, The PRS guitar is a well made instrument, However It Is No Better Made Than The Baker,  Baker only produces 450 guitars a month & PRS makes more than 100 a day. Baker is a smaller tighter company with a much lower overhead.  That's why Baker can throw in all those beautiful cosmetic extras that PRS charges so much for.

You won't see any FULL COLOR, full page Baker Advertisements in Guitar Player, Guitar World etc etc. Consequently those magazines will rarely if ever give Baker a mention. But those ads cost as much as $18,000.00 a month and who do you think pays for that $216,000.00 a year per magazine!! Do the math it's staggering!!!!!!
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 The Main Reason To Buy A Baker Has Nothing To Do With Price Or Cosmetics.

The main reason to purchase a Baker is that they play better & stay in tune better because they offer several options that PRS will NOT do. Ebony Fingerboard & Tune-O-Matic Bridge. The Ebony fingerboard reduces finger fatigue, it feels great on your fingers and it's hardness adds a percussive quality to the sound. The Tune-O-Matic bridge is a 2 piece fully adjustable bridge that PRS has not used since 1991.

The Tune-O-Matic bridge is the main reason that the Les Paul has had such a successful run.  The Tune-O-Matic bridge is made up of 22 different pieces that require a lot of time to assemble. The Tune-O-Matic  bridge costs a lot more to install than a wrap around because you have to drill twice as many holes and you have a lot more to adjust. The Tune-O-Matic Bridge is standard equipment on all Bakers, Quicksilvers, Abstracts & the rest of the World's Best Guitars.

arison Below     PRS wins a couple of things
But the Baker delivers way more for 1/3 the price of the PRS.

Comparison Below  Comparison Done 2004

I have come up against a great deal of flak over my comparisons !!!
I just don't know of any other way to show a customer
how something is a better value.  

If you believe that I am wrong about anything or that I have left something of importance out !!
If you think this is strictly a self serving article.
Please email me or call, I need something to make the PRS look better!!
I will print any contributing article !!!
 This Comparison Uses The Lowest Priced Mass Produced Baker Not The Handmade Ones


Baker B1 PRS Custom
Archtop Maple Over Mahogany  Both Use The Same Woods,  Yes Yes
Body Binding Available Only On The Baker !!!!! Yes Never
Figured Top The Std Baker Top looks a lot better than the Std PRS Top Yes Yes
Highly Figured Top PRS offers one for $600.00 - Baker offers it for $200.00
Compare the quality of the wood on the Baker to either a PRS or a Gibson.
Yes Yes
Weight Comparison Comparable except  the PRS Tremolo pushes the weight up.
On the old original Bakers they were heavy & cumbersome  Today they are light and sweet.
Comparable Comparable


Baker B1 PRS Custom
Set Neck Comparable Neck Joints   (PRS also offers Bolt In Necks) Yes Yes
Bound Neck PRS has never bound any of their guitars (not even $20,000.00 models) Yes No
Ebony Fretboard PRS will not do Ebony, even if you supply the Ebony Yes No
Rosewood Fretboard PRS only comes with a Rosewood fingerboard. Baker offers choices. Yes Yes
Ebony Overlay On Headstock   (PRS uses some kind of fiber material) Yes No
Matching Quilt Headstock Yes No
Bound Headstock   Yes No
Logo Under Finish You can scrape PRS Logo with a fingernail, Baker logo is under the finish.  Yes No
24 Frets  Much harder to find a 24 fret PRS (Not available on all models) Yes Yes
22 Frets  Not recommended on a modern Guitar Yes Yes
Custom Inlays  PRS Only Offers Birds at $420.00  Baker Offers Free Crown Inlays. Yes Yes


Baker B1 PRS Custom
2 Humbucking Pickups Yes Yes
EMG Pickups Available  Baker Will Install EMG Pickups  Yes No
Duncan Pickups Available  Baker Will Install Duncan Pickups (Recommended) Yes No
Jason Lollar Pickups Available  Baker Will Install Lollar Pickups  (Recommended) Yes No
Dimarzio Pickups Available  Baker Will Install Dimarzio Pickups  Yes No
PRS Pickups Available  Baker Will Even Install PRS pickups  Yes Yes
Choice Of Pickup Colors  Baker offers Black, Creme, White & Zebra Pickups at no charge Yes No
Push Pull Coil Splitters  PRS Uses that 5 position knob that is numbered from one to ten, Baker uses a push pull system that has less negative unity gain. Yes No


Baker B1 PRS Custom
Tune-O-Matic Bridge Available  Not Available since 1991 (Those 1991 Models were the best PRS's ever made)  They bring about $8,000.00 with a below average top. Yes No
Tone Pros Bridge Available  Ed Roman Recommends The Tone Pros Bridge Since 1999 It costs an additional $50.00 on a Baker and is not available from PRS. Yes No
Gold Hardware Free   PRS Charges $420.00  Baker Offers it Free.  Yes  No
Black Hardware  Baker Offers it PRS Does Not Yes No
Buzz Feiten System Available Yes No
Tremolo System PRS offers only one tremolo, Baker offers 4 models. On the Baker it can be retrofitted, The PRS will not retrofit. except for a Floyd Rose. You have to get someone other than the factory to install it !!!!   PRS Wins on this because currently they aren't charging for a tremolo,
There is a lot more than meets the eye on this subject, If you are considering a tremolo on an archtop guitar then I suggest you either give us a call or do a lot of research first.
Ed Roman
Yes Yes

Base List Price

Baker B1 PRS Custom
This Is A No-Brainer

The Baker Guitar is $1,100.00 cheaper it comes with Inlays, Gold Hardware, Tun-a-Matic Bridge, a Gorgeous Quilted Or Flamed Top, Fully Bound Body & Neck and a 2 year full parts & labor guarantee. (not a limited warranty)

The PRS charges Extra for Gold, Extra for Inlays, Extra for Figured Top and only comes with a one year limited warranty.

Street Price  The Baker sells for about $1,295.00 Nicely Equipped with Ebony Fingerboard,  Duncan's, Crown Inlays, Gorgeous 10 Top, Gold hardware, Binding, Matching Headstock, PP3 system, Tone Pros and more The PRS sells for about $1,999.00 stripped with no options at all.   

Talk About a No Brainer!!!


The PRS Custom loaded. as far as they will load it lists for close to $4,500.00 & sells for $3,350.00 even in the biggest discount stores. Ed Roman will of course beat that price by at least $200.00. If you want a PRS Ed Roman can easily accommodate you.
The Baker fully loaded which includes many options that PRS doesn't even offer will cost less than $1,295.00 & your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Full cash return policy on all Bakers that have not been modified. If you can find the same guitar cheaper we will triple the difference back to you within 10 days !!

$1,899 $3,500


Below Some Unacceptable PRS Design Blunders

Horrible Long Heel & Bridge With No Adjustment
Incorrect Pickup Location

Another Photo Of The Same Blunders

Worst Ever PRS Design Blunder
On this guitar they used a Tune-O Matic style bridge excellent !!!!   Very Very rare for a PRS!!!
They must have taken a hint from my constant pointing out of the problem.
Then they go and use a Bigsby style Tremolo for the tailpiece
Talk About a Royal Screw-up !!!!!

Old Style Bigsby Tremolos Look Cool But They Don't Hold Tune !!!
Very Cool Modern Metallic Blue Paint with Unmatching 60's Treehugger Hippie Brown Fingerboard.
This Guitar Should Have a Maple or Ebony Fingerboard.



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