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Neck Thru Body From Abstract Guitars Tom Holmes Gallery

Original Billy Gibbons Prototype Model
Owned & Played By Billy Gibbons

Tom Holmes Cadillac Guitar
Tom Holmes Cadillac
See the Abstract Cadillac!

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BFG Model

(The First Billy Gibbons Model)
From the 70's & 80's
I try to keep at least one in stock

As of 2008 Ed Roman is producing a guitar that perfectly replicates this one
See the seam at the neck joint You can have it that way
 or Ed Roman can build you a neck thru body model 

Excellent Quality Throughout

See Tom Holmes Pickup Page

Tom Holmes with one of his famous single cut models..

If you want a single cutaway guitar, Go out and buy one.
There are literally hundreds of builders out there building them better than Gibson.
Just don't buy it from any large corporation. 
See the Abstract Maximus do the comparison.
The RVC ultimate singlecut is also pretty awesome.

Left Handed Tom Holmes Triple Bucker

Tom Holmes Guitars

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Tom Holmes Bo Diddley Bass


See The Abstract Models