Steinberger Hardtail Bridge
Steinberger Hardtail Bridge

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Trade Your Steinberger Trem & Get a Hardtail  

Sound Better & Stay In Tune Better

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STB HARDTAIL Hardtail Bridge  Limited Quantity Available NEW   (Including All Labor,  complete including a new bridge)

 Installed on wood guitar  $400.00

STB HARDTAIL Conversion, Milling & Custom Routing on Your Existing Tremolo Steinberger
Price includes mounting & installation
LABOR  (We Completely convert and retrofit your existing stock tremolo to a hardtail)

 Installed on wood guitar

STB HARDTAIL Conversion to L series or any all graphite model, includes glass work & milling base to fit perfectly Labor If you cannot afford a trans trem this is better and far cheaper.

Mounted on graphite guitar



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Prices Will Go Up As Availability Goes Down
Parts Are Non Refundable
So Make Absolutely Sure You Order The Right Part
We Will Be Glad To Match Your Part Up At No Cost To You


Ed Roman's LSR Headless Guitars has acquired several hundred thousand dollars of Original Steinberger guitars & parts.

LSR has no affiliation with the Gibson Guitar Company that has acquired the trade name Steinberger and LSR is most definitely positively not affiliated in way whatsoever with “Music Yo” which is Gibson’s Sales vehicle to sell the imported product on the uneducated consumer/beginner market.

The slick very well done advertisements for “Music Yo” depict all the familiar Steinberger body shapes. Be aware these are very definitely NOT THE ORIGINAL MODELS and as far as we can tell absolutely none of the parts are interchangeable, Not even the strings.

LSR is affiliated with Ed Roman’s Abstract Gtrs, Roman  Bass Gtrs Quicksilver GtrsPearlcaster Gtrs

LSR is an American Company, LSR Products are all American made and normally LSR has no involvement or interaction with Korean or Asian companies.  There are certain situations where it becomes unavoidable and LSR must deal with Asian companies for certain parts but LSR does that strictly as a last resort.

LSR will be manufacturing products to fit the real USA Steinberger guitars as soon as patents expire.  LSR also plans a new stop tail piece bridge and several other new items that will fit LSR Guitars and retrofit on Steinberger Guitars.

LSR is dedicated to keeping the original Ned Steinberger guitars alive & well.  LSR is planning to try and reduce prices on many of the hard to find parts as soon as possible so that the cost factor will no longer be quite as high.

LSR will be manufacturing over 100 different body styles for LSR Guitars, these body styles will retrofit on all Steinberger’s made in the USA from day one to the last days of production in the 90’s. LSR will offer over 20 different kinds of woods and a multitude of wood combinations on all LSR Guitars and of course these will retrofit on original Steinberger’s also.


Why Are Our Parts Better !!!!

 The Trans Trems are original case hardened machined and made entirely in the USA by "Bay Ridge Machine"  in NY (Now out of business). Everyone else has the imported Zen-on Asian made cast ones that wear out and don't hold tune like the originals.
As far as the Early Original Bass Claws are concerned, ours are made from a Titanium alloy!!  These are 3 times as strong as the ones that came on your guitar 25 years ago. We have never had to replace one since we started building them in 1996!!!   We also have hardtail Steinberger Bridges that no one else is making available.

We have hundreds of original Newburgh Steinberger bodies in various stages of being built.  We have the original pre Gibson USA made ones.  Today the ones you buy elsewhere are not bound are most likely made in China.

When we emptied the Steinberger building we saved boxes & boxes of paperwork. We found the original sources for all the original parts. When Ned Steinberger originally manufactured his instruments he was a real stickler for quality & longevity.

 Today the Steinberger product no longer benefits from Ned Steinberger at the helm.