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Latest Quicksilver Goes to Paul Crook
Custom Left-Handed Quicksilver A20

Custom Design Left Handed Quicksilver Guitar
The Satin Quilt Top is Hand Buffed to a Lustrous Shine

Quicksilver Guitar With Maple Fingerboard

Currently This Guitar Is Available For Sale

Custom Skull Graphics
Realistic Flames

Skulls Graphic

Built For Pete Kupershmid In New York

Building this guitar for Ted Nugent was one of the highpoints of my life

See it built from the ground up (click here)

Ed Roman

Built For Mike Roske
Gorgeous Amber Quilted Top, Ebony Fingerboard, Gold Hardware
Korina Wood Back, Black Back Pickups, With Coil Splitters.


Quicksilver Katana
New Shape For 2010


This particular Quicksilver was custom made for Dan Stellabotte in California.

This one features an ebony fretboard with Quicksilver lightning bolt inlays, It has a highly figured quilted maple top & black hardware.

When I set out to build these guitars, I knew that they would have to be exceptional in every way if I was going to be successful selling them.  Versatility of tone & ease of playing !!!!!

I want the Quicksilver to be the guitar you reach for when you have a gig and you only have room to carry one guitar with you.

The Quicksilver has been designed to make you a better player.

I want you to keep your Quicksilver for the rest of your life !!!!

When I designed the Quicksilver I required it to be able to reproduce as many type of sounds as technologically possible.

I wanted the guitar to be able to faithfully reproduce a Les Paul, 335 or an SG Humbucker tone. I wanted the guitar to be able to sound like a Strat, Fat Strat & Telecaster without dropping out the unity gain.

I wanted the sustain of a neck through body like a  USA made "BC Rich" or "Jackson".  I wanted that original signature Eddie Van Halen "Brown Sound" like an early Kramer or Ernie Ball.  Lastly I wanted the smooth creamy upper mid range tonality of an early PRS guitar with a sweet switch on it.
I think I have succeeded in this and that is why I bill the Quicksilvers as the most versatile guitar you can buy.

Ed Roman


Close up of a Trans Gloss Highly Figured Spalted Maple Flame Top
Lightning Bolt Inlays on Ebony Fretboard
Sold to Tobias Dietrich

Sold October 2008
Spalted Maple

Ed De'Guzman picks up yet another Ed Roman guitar

Custom Built For John McLaren in the UK
Currently selling more of these in England, Australia & Germany
Than in The USA

Quicksilver with Custom Peace Sign Inlays Sold to "Scott Chapin"

Quicksilver With Pumpkin Stained Flame Maple Top
Minimalist Non Inlaid Ebony Finger Board

SOLD Custom Pot Leaf Graphic

Quilt Top on Korina Back with Trans Gloss Lamination Burst Top
Wood Enhancement, Gold Hardware, Lightning Bolt Inlay
Sold to David M. Upton

Bon Bon Pink
Now Available with Pink Inlays & Logo


Ed De'Guzman, With A Few Of His Guitars From Ed Roman

Real Snake Skin
Sold 2006

Opaque Black

Solid Black Korina

Space Graphic
Order any graphic design you can think of

Another Awesome Quilted Top

Mahogany Economy Model 


The letter below is one Ed Roman's personal favorites
Getting a letter like this one makes all the BS worthwhile

Wait till you hear this one.  I recently bought a used PRS from my local Guitar Center in Dallas. The salesman told me it was the best sounding and playing PRS he had ever had in the store. It had a Tone Pros Tun-a-matic bridge on it and the body was slightly slimmer than usual. The salesman at GC told me (I think his name was Harry) said that the guitar was no ordinary PRS, Supposedly it was made for someone in Creed  blah blah blah (I found out later that was an outright lie). Several other salespeople all agreed that this guitar had the PRS magic and it was the reason why PRS had such a good reputation.

I played the guitar and it truly did feel great, The neck was rock solid and was incredibly highly figured. The body has a beautiful blue flame top and a natural back. I sat there and tried about 12 PRS guitars, The salesman was right, none of them came close. The guitar had almost twice the sustain of any of the other ones and the neck was smoother and faster.

Anyway I could not resist buying the guitar, In fact I had to borrow most of the money from my bass player. They sold it to me for only $800.00. The reason it was so cheap is there was no serial number on the guitar and the PRS logo was not on the headstock. There were no bird inlays but that was cool !  I was a little worried about buying a guitar with no serial number and no logo but they gave me a fully paid receipt so I figured it had to be OK.

The suited guy at the counter remarked that this guitar held tune better than any other guitar he had ever played. He told me that I made a very wise purchase and reassured me that I had made a good move.     (He didn't know how right he was)

I took the guitar home and I used it that weekend on a gig, It performed superbly and I was one happy guy to say the least.

About a week after I got the guitar I discovered there was a push pull pot on it and that it slit the coils on the pickups. What a great surprise. further fiddling around with it I noticed that the pickups were bolted down solid instead of floating on springs like all the other PRS guitars. I unscrewed the pickup and removed it and lo and behold there was the inscription.

"Ed Roman Was Here".  Everything I had read on your website came tumbling back at me like a ton of bricks.

This guitar appeared to have had a custom body not a PRS body, It had the step route pickups like on your site and the neck has that 1500G system that I read about on your site. The neck appears to be an original PRS but I see now the modifications you made to the heel and the tongue where the pickup bolts directly to it like a Quicksilver. That accounts for the extra sustain! I am assuming there is a Buzz Feiten System on this guitar because of the tuning stability.

I could probably sue Guitar Center for falsely representing this guitar. But I am thanking them from the bottom of my heart because I have one of the most awe inspiring guitars I have ever owned or for that matter even played.

Whoever this guitar was originally built for might have misrepresented it to Guitar Center but I an the luckiest guy in the world.

I was going to buy a PRS decal off that store in Cleveland that sells them but now I would rather it said nothing.

Long Live Ed Roman
Pete Posintini
Plano TX

Note From Ed Roman

Hello Pete

Glad to see you like that guitar, I originally rebuilt that PRS for a NYC police detective by the name of Manny Poole, As I remember he lived somewhere in Jersey. The last time I talked with him he had been injured in the line of duty and was partially paralyzed.  So he must have sold it, I'm surprised it ended up in Texas. I did a number of cool PRS rebuilds for Manny.

Several other things that you missed.

The guitar has a Korina Body and Seymour Duncan Pickups, There were also 2 small stainless steel barrels inserted in the tongue of the neck to add mass and stability.

The original PRS fingerboard had been removed and a new ebony one was been installed.  Look carefully at the frets and you will notice you can't see the fret tangs on the side. Look at a regular PRS and you will see the tangs are completely visible.

I usually sign the PRS mod's in the pickup cavity and I usually Jokingly print " Ed Roman was here"   Ala Kilroy was here... Just a little private joke between myself and someone who will remain anonymous right now.

If you want a letter or perhaps a copy of the original invoice for the work please let me know.

Ed Roman

Five Gallery Pages!