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Quilted Maple Top
LSR Tuners

Paul Crook with one of his Quicksilvers 2004

Swamp Ash Model
Much Less Money Than The Usual Quicksilver Guitar

Lefthanded Custom Quicksilver

Close Up of a Spalted Maple Model
It Sounds As Good as it Looks, Spalted Maple is Very Light

Larry Albert With His Very Early Quicksilver

Group Shot Taken in 2002

Another Spectacular Quicksilver

Built For Gary Morris.

Color is Purple Grape.   Korina Back.   Rosewood Fretboard.
Gold Hardware. LSR Tuners.    Black Back Pickups.   Highly Quilted Maple 10 Top 

Quicksilver # 131 Built for Monte Rodriguez
Gold Hardware, Solid Black Korina Body
Brazilian Rosewood, Seymour Duncan Black/back Pickups

Sold To Freeman Hardison

Metallic Purple

Floyd Rose Model, Black Translucent Finish

Highly Figured Australian Lacewood Back

This option is available on Quicksilver and Pearlcaster custom bodies.
All Quicksilvers are available with set necks. No Charge
This option will be free. I have set out to debunk the myth that set necks are better than bolt in necks. 
They certainly don't cost any more to do.

Black Korina

 Original Quicksilver Guitar Headstocks

Maple Quilt

w LSR Tuners

Gloss Rosewood

w Sperzel Tuners

Matte Ebony

w Go-Mag Tuners

Matte Rosewood

w Sperzel Tuners

The New Go-Mag Tuners Are Self Locking & Height Adjustable
Ed Roman Recommends The New Go-Mag Tuners

Leslie West With One of his Quicksilver's 2001

Flame Top with Optional F Hole

Ed's Personal Player Quicksilver, Before He installed the Ebony Fretboard.

Five Gallery Pages!