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Close up of a Dark Trans Blue Quilt Top
Gold Hardware, White Pickups, Gorgeous Contrast!

Economy Model for Colin Hurley

Sold, Quilt Over Korina

Figured Walnut Top over Beautiful Lacewood
Gold Hardware, LSR Tuners, 5 way switch,
Blackback Pickups
Sold to John Anderson

Solid Black With Ebony Fingerboard and Scrape Binding
Sold to Andrew Corson

I will be using this type of  tremolo on the Quicksilvers.

Yet, I still think that it steals a lot of versatility from the guitar.
Tremolos in general suck tone from your instrument.
I recommend a Pearlcaster  for the customer that insists on a tremolo.
I have the exact same problem with the PRS Guitars.
Please consider a Pearlcaster  if you want a vintage tremolo and
 consider a J Frog if you want a Floyd Rose tremolo.


 Metallic White with Gold Hardware-Sold

Gorgeous Metallic Blue Body with Gold Hardware

Spalted Maple Top with Black Pickups and Gold Hardware

Bon Bon Pink
Korina Body, Quilted Pink Maple Top,
 Maple Neck with Ebony Fret Board and Lightning Bolt Inlays,

Marbleized Red - Sold to David Frisse

Cocobolo Guitar

Figured Sapele Top


Five Gallery Pages!