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Abstract V Shaped Guitars
At last Count We Had Over 30 Distinctly Different Vee Shapes Available

Ed Roman Repairs, Restores, Replicates, Retops Or Replaces Any Brand Of Guitar !!!

More Roman V Shapes Waiting Yo Be Painted

Every company out there makes or has made a V shaped guitar
Even Fender

Our New Model for 2010, the Abstract Victimizer


Abstract Extenda Vee,  Available in Baritone & Regular 25" Scale
Made Entirely In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop
Worlds largest Vee Also Available In Baritone !!!!!

Ed Roman Villain Vee
This One Has A Removable Cutout Below the Neck Joint
This facilitates even higher reach !!!!!

Unknown Custom Maker Only $999.00 Neck Thru Body
Nice Quality, We have it in stock  Call for information !!!!


Our Most Recent Addition To The Abstract Vee Family; The Shrieking Vee. A Very Sharp Looking Guitar With Silver Bevels And Silver Topped Duncan Blackout Pickups. Original Floyd Rose Tremolo & Silver Hardware.

Shrieking Vee


Custom Made Vanguard Vee From Ed Roman
Reverse Sharkfin  Made In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop

Custom Made Venom Vee From Ed Roman
Made entirely In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop

Ya Gotta Love This Photo
Photo By Ed Roman 1995

Custom One Of A Kind Carved Guitar 



Dean Vee

Rudolf Schenker

Original Charvel V Guitars

BC Rich Speed Vee

ZAKK WYLDE With His Dean V


Korina V



Custom Made in Our Shop
The Abstract Double Vampire Tooth Vee

Jackson Jenna Jameson King Vee
We have these in stock

SAMICK  V                       MOONSTONE V

Ed Roman's Exact Reproduction Of Randy Rhoads' V
Prices Start at $2,400.00 for exhibition grade

Original Kramer Flying Vee
 Pre Floyd Rose

Unknown Maker sells for $300.00
Exact Duplicate Of A Gibson


Ed Roman Custom Shop Replica V

 This 3 Dimensional Double V is Called The V-Twin
Made Entirely In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop
 Call For Information
Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Korina Vees Photo by Ed Roman 2003

Jackson V's Photo by Ed Roman 1997

KK Downing With His Favorite V
We are now offering a replica of this exact guitar

Paul Crook's Vampire's Tooth Vee From Our Custom Shop.

Made Entirely In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop

Paul Crook With Another Custom V
Look him up on You Tube

Ed Roman Custom Shop Headless V Doubleneck
Made Entirely In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop

In Stock & Available From Our Custom Shop
Made Entirely In Ed Roman' s Custom Shop

Gary Jacobs Flying V
Excellent Guitar
In Stock

Rudolf has probably 350 Flying V Guitars
From probably 200 different companies.

Kramer Vee From the 70's

70's Ibanez Flying V

Paul Crook With Yet Another V

Beautiful Moonstone From The 70's
This Guitar has been in Ed's Private Collection for almost 20 years.

From Our Custom Shop

Cracked Mirror Finish  Available On Any Guitar  Call The Custom Shop

Cut Mirror Style


Abstract V Twin Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop 2007

 Dave Mustaine With His Dean


Every Guitar On This Page Is Superior Than The Gibson Guitars

Custom Shop Vee For Albert King

Yet Another Non Gibson Vee For Albert King





ZAKK Wylde

Ed Roman Repairs, Restores, Replicates, Retops Or Replaces Any Brand Of Guitar !!!




Stevens Vee Clone

Moonstone V Bass