Gibson Les Paul Copies

There are hundreds maybe thousands of very talented luthiers who are building Les Paul Style guitars.  Some of them change the body shape some of them copy the body to the imperfections.
Just Ask Slash, Joe Perry, Billy Gibbons, James Hetfield & many other famous players.
It seems to me that most of these companies wouldn't bother unless they felt they could do better.

I mean how could they they sell them if they didn't do it better !!!

This page is to demonstrate the levels of quality & Innovation we have seen some of these Luthiers go to try to improve on the Les Paul.

There are people who say you can't improve on something that's perfect. Those people are the same people who have been heard to say things like.
"Please don't confuse me with the facts  I've already made up my mind"

They are 100% wrong, There is always room for improvement !!!!

There are many misguided Gibson lovers out there who flame me & my company because I refuse to accept their definition of perfect.  I use the word misguided simply because these people are only partially informed.

Someday someone will make a guitar better than an Ed Roman Guitar. Probably  someone already does, I can accept that !!!  Whenever I see a great new innovation I try to incorporate that into my designs.  Some of my best customers point out new innovations when they see them on some boutique brands. 
The Les Paul has been around for 60 years, I cannot accept the technology of the early 50's as an end all and I believe that anyone who can has his head in the sand or maybe somewhere else.

Ed Roman How's this for an improvement Homer !!!
Anyone who denies this as an improvement is completely brain-dead.

See how the neck extends into the pickup cavity. The pickup bolts down solid on the mahogany neck tenon itself.  This greatly improves resonant overtones and adds about 20% more sustain.  See the stepped cavity on the lead pickup. This allows your pickup to be hard mounted to the guitar just the same as the rhythm pickup
Best of all this feature is the only way to get neck tone to your pickup.  On almost all Gibson Guitars  Les Pauls, SG's, Explorer's, Flying Vee's etc the neck and body are separated by a thick layer of tone dampening glue.  Glue is not your friend if you a re a guitar player.


Navigator Goldtop
Navigator Guitars are The Most Sought After Les Paul Copy On The Market
Some Of The Early Ones Actually Said Les Paul On The Headstock.
The Burst Model Is also Available, I just didn't have a picture when I posted this.

We are looking for any and all used Navigator guitars

Recreation of a 59 Burst done on a kit guitar for a very special customer !!
See how the neck extends into the pickup cavity.
Done Right Here In Our Custom Shop

Custom Made In Ed Roman's Shop


Triple EMG's & Tone Pros Bridge.

Very Nice Grain In The Neck & Back

Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuners

Ebony, Mother Of Pearl & Abalone

Solid Macassar Ebony Neck

Heritage 150
Gibson Sued & Heritage Won
During the 90's the Heritage guitars were awesome & they sold for less than half of what a Gibson did
  Today they are a shadow of their former selves & now the prices are much higher.
No longer recommended by Ed Roman


Superior Bolt-in Neck Joint Allows For Greater Access
Also Much Better Sound Transition


 Neal Schon 1986 With His "Dommenget"  Les Paul
Steve Still Has One  So Does James Hetfield

In My Opinion The Set Neck Design of The Les Paul Requires P90 or P100 Pickups 

Naturally we will install any pickups you could wish for



Hondo (Jackson)                                Bradley                                  Univox  (Korg)

 Great Quality

Madore Guitars
Selling Today Used For About $1.550.00

Real Ebony Fretboard,  Real MOP inlays

Can't read the brand name but this looks like a well built guitar

 Erlewine                     Sekova                        Baker                          Eko

  Zemaitis Guitars Sell Today for $40,000.00
Ask Keith Richards,  Ron Wood,  Billy Gibbons,  James Honeyman Scott
Personally I think they are one step above a Costco Guitar
But what do I know !!!!!!
I would actually rather play a Gibson, 

But these guitars have become legendary...

Benedetto Benny Selling for $5,000.00 in 2002

Wrong Bridge & Much Too Wide Neck
That's what happens when a Jazz guitar builder tries to build an electric
Look at Taylor & Collings  Their electrics are putrid !!!!!

Hyundai                               Lotus                                   Tokai


100 Heritage Guitars In My Store 2004
Just Before The Huge Price Increase
These USA made guitars were wholesaling for only $650.00 when Gibson was charging 5 times as much !!!
And at the time the Heritage was made far better.

  Navigator Homepage


Photos Of An Original Japanese Made Navigator

These guitars are illegal in the USA unless they are used.
We are paying more for used Navigator guitars than we pay for Original Les Pauls.

Some of them say Les Paul on them.. 


Highly Illegal les Paul Logo & Bell Trussrod Cover
These are trademarked by the Gibson company
They should not be used on copies




Much More Coming
There Are Endless LP Copies
If you know Of any that I have missed please send photos & pertinent commentary