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Snake Sabo's Kramer Doubleneck


6-String Guitar/4 String Bass
Available In Stock

Jimi Page

Back in the 60's there were very few choices
I'd bet dollars he would not have played this if he had a choice

Built In Ed Roman's Custom Shop
LSR Vampire Tooth Doubleneck Vee

Cocobolo Top,  Korina Back, Bleached Ebony Fingerboard
Seymour Duncan Pickups, Trans Trem, 12 String Track Tuner,
Gold Frets, Graphite Necks  100% handmade in the USA

Steve Vai's BC Rich Doubleneck

Fender Style Doubleneck

Slash With His Guild Hollow Doubleneck

Minarik Fancy Doubleneck !!!

This Is A little Over The Top  Even For Us

BC Rich Mid 90's Doubleneck


Mosrite Joe Maphis Model

One of the first companies to market a doubleneck

Doubleneck Explorer
 Asian Made

Cool Looking Vee Doubleneck

Four Pages of Doubleneck Guitars