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Fender Doubleneck Guitar

Yngvie Malmsteen Owned Doubleneck Fender
Especially made for Yngwie by the Fender Custom Shop in 1990
Currently Available At Ed Roman's

Fender Custom Shop Jaguar, Baritone Doubleneck

A Pearlcaster Doubleneck would be thousands less  

Richie Sambora's Custom Fender

Alembic Doubleneck Bass Guitar

Alembic Doubleneck 1990

PRS Doubleneck  (Awesome Inlay)

Still The Greatest Doubleneck Of All Time

Doubleneck Acoustic
Built by Tony Karol, Built from beautiful Koa Wood, with Ebony Fretboard.
This guitar may resemble a Taylor but it's actually much better quality.



This Guitar Has Been Stolen
It belongs to a close friend of mine
If you see it please call me ASAP

$2,000.00 reward  "No Questions"

Ed Roman

Gretsch Doubleneck Guitar

Gretsch Doubleneck

Ibanez Doubleneck Guitar

In Stock Only 12 made for the USA

Kramer Ferrington Doubleneck Guitar

Cool Looking But Chinese Made

 Doubleneck Guitars


Many More Coming Stay Tuned

Four Pages of Doubleneck Guitars