Quicksilver Metal Face Plates

Dress up your guitar and ensure consistent sound with solid aluminum face plates.

These guitars reflect light aimed at you on stage and bring out an extreme array of holographic colors and patterns. Great for any performer who wants to stand out from the crowd. And don't worry about your sound, these amazing face plates won't affect it at all.

We did 10 of these for Toby Keith for one of his restaurant nightclubs in Las Vegas.

We are now also offering distressed rusty funky looking face plates for the person who wants the world to think the guitar is extremely old   (Relic)

These high quality face plates are made with a light-weight aircraft grade alloy. The choice of this alloy was made easy by recognizing it's excellent noise shielding qualities, light weight, and abilities to provide holographic imaging properties.

The aluminum alloy provides a stable and constant grounding as opposed to the thin, glued-on foil backing ( which begins to peel off ) on other pick guards and our alloy minimizes speaker buzz and feedback. The resonance of this alloy is also far superior to that of plastic pick guards.

All face plates are available in any color and any design.  All are interchangeable as well.

Our custom shop can also offer this material for any guitar you may want to use it on. 



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