Distressed Guitars & Relic Guitars

Ed Roman Carries Several Other Different Brands of Relics including Fender, Bolin, McGuire & More.
We also make our own relics & distressed models for much less than most companies.
We make every effort to use original parts whenever possible!!
Sometimes we have to destroy a guitar to get the parts with logos on them.
Please do not ask us to affix illegal decals or names.
There are plenty of small shops who will do that after the fact but we don't.


Original Kramer Frankenstrat Version 2 $60,000.00  Belonged To Eddie
To see all 9 Replica models we have put them on the Kramer Page !!
Most of them were not really Kramers !!! However most people think they were!!!!
Kramer never issued this guitar!!!!  Several 5150 styles were made for Eddie.
But if you listen to "5150" any guitarist should be able to hear the Trans-Trem.
That proves he used a Steinberger during that era.
Today the original Trans-Trem is no longer available Except From Ed Roman
Ed Roman has new and used ones in stock.

Billy Gibbons Guitar

 Guaranteed Best Deal !!!!

Billy Gibbons New Super Model Now Available from Ed Roman

  Free Freight,  Free Premium Case,  Free Strap,  Free Premium Vintage style Coil Cord.

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 We have perfected the aging process.
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Distressed Right Here In Las Vegas
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Fender Rory Gallagher

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57' Fender Strat Relic

52' Fender Tele Relic

Jaco Pastorius Relic Tribute Jazz Bass  
This is my favorite of all the basses that Fender manufactures.