Blue Guitars, Blue Guitar Finishes

Roman Guitars Has A Huge Selection Of Guitars.

Use these pages to help you select the particular shade of blue you want.

Blue Teal LSR EB-1

Like the one we built for Eddie Van Halen, Leslie West & Buck Dharma.

Fender Hellecaster Model

We are currently buying these!!
 (Ed Roman is a fully authorized Fender Custom Shop Dealer.)

Fender Customization Done in Ed Roman's Custom Shop (1999).

Ed Roman stocks 400 Stratocasters, 75 Telecasters, and 50 J & P Basses.
Plus, Ed Roman also has, Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Mustangs, and Esquires.

   Quicksilver Guitars

Baker As Played By Robben Ford

Baker Guitars

Ed Roman has at least 100 Baker Guitars in stock at all times
18 different colors to choose from.
(These fine guitars start at just above $1000.00.)

D'Angelico New Yorker in Blue

Ed Roman also Carries Eastman, Stromberg, Hofner, D'Aquisto, Gibson, Guild, & Triggs Jazz Guitars.

BC Rich Guitars are some of the finest guitars ever made on the face of this planet.   I am talking about the original California models that are pictured here.  If you have never played a real USA made BC Rich  you owe it to yourself to check em' out.  In 2003, The Abstract guitar company was structured from ex Jackson & ex BC Rich employees.  These guitars will be built in the same tradition and construction method as the original BC Rich guitars.  The machinery and parts used will be the same as the originals.