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Ed Roman Will Beat Any Price Anywhere On Any Guitar

Ed Roman Will Beat Any Price Anywhere On Any Guitar. Put It To The Test! Only exception unavailable or limited edition models, which make up less than 10% Of what is available on the market. BC Rich has very few limited edition models... can't even think of one at this time!

Collector Model Private Reserve Original USA Bernie Rico Guitar
  (We will not be undersold)
BC Rich imports thousands of guitars every year from various countries. Less than 200 yearly are the handmade real ones. In 2006 there were only 190 made. About 20% of these guitars go to various Rock Stars like Kerry King Slash etc. That leaves approximately 135  real BC Rich guitars for the entire world. The rich Germans, Japanese & Arabs  account for many of those. Consequently you don't see real BC Rich Guitars in too many stores. Some of the imported ones look pretty good but they don't hold a candle to the real ones.

Ed Roman has a wide variety of B.C. Rich guitars including USA made guitars. The models include the Mockingbird, Bich, Beast, Stealth, Warlock, and many more. Check out the complete BC Rich Models List.  Ed also carries BC Rich bass guitars. View all BC Rich guitars for sale.

Bernie Rico Sr., "The Master"

BBernie Rico Srernie was the founder and creative source behind the great BC Rich Guitar company. I dealt with Bernie for more than 25 years. I saw the birth and rebirth of all of his famous models. I feel that I knew him very well. I have seen all of his sides.

Few guitar players realized how incredibly far ahead of his time Bernie really was. I think even fewer really ever got to play one of his handmade creations. For every real USA BC Rich there are probably 50 lower cost Asian imported versions.

Because of the negative connotation involved with Asian imports in the high end marketplace many of these so called high end snob guitar buyers were barely aware of his existence.

Being an artist a visionary and a designer more than a business man, Bernie sold his trade mark rights to several different people who imported thousands of lower quality models. Some of these models were actually really excellent but sadly many were not. I think that Bernie was a man who wanted people to have his fine instruments in their hands. He felt that if he made them affordable that people would buy them. I think this attitude, though genuinely decent, was not to his best interest.

I took the above photo of Bernie in January of 1998 at his Hesperia facility. I will not allow use of this photo on any website without written permission and final approval of the context & usage. I have not blocked the photo because I hate people who do that.  If you see this picture being used on any other website please contact Ed Roman directly.

Ed Roman

B.C Rich Guitars

If Bernie had sold his guitars at the price they were actually worth (much higher) he would have died a multi millionaire. Guitarists are prone to thinking that the higher the price the higher the quality. I agree, sometimes that is true, but I also know that over inflated prices tend to drive the prices up even higher artificially. It is usually very hard to deprogram a person from thinking that way when they are brainwashed from birth.

The prices on original BC Rich guitars has skyrocketed recently. Sadly due to Bernie's death and partly because people are finally realizing just how incredibly good these guitars were & still are.

I have personally owned a Koa Mockingbird since 1977 and I will never sell it!

Bernie will be sorely missed by many, I wish him well, In that great guitar workshop in the sky

Ed Roman, January 2000

I will beat any stocking authorized BC RICH dealer's price as long as the item and terms of sale are exactly the same. All you have to do is tell me who the dealer is and what price he quoted.

B.C Rich Mockingbird Shown Below

Mockingbird mockingbird

BC Rich Guitars

As always Ed Roman will always beat any price from any catalog.
As long as its not a misprint, unavailable or limited edition.
Music 123, Guitar Center,  Zzounds, Musicians Friend, Sam Ash. Or any printed website price
We will always beat their price!  Usually by as much as 10 percent.

Dave Ellefson The Co Founder Megadeth & Myself
Dave Ellefson has been a good customer for 33 plus years.
 I sold him his first ever Bass an Original BC Rich back in 1977 when he was about 12
I also sold him his first PA System when he was about 14
Dave lived in Minnesota & I was located in Connecticut
Back in the 70's Very few stores carried any pro equipment at all !!!!
So it was normal to shop mail order for quality items !!!!


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