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Caravan Credit Jerry Champagne Coming Soon
Christmas Guitars A Christmas guitar is usually, but not necessarily purchased around Christmas. Usually for someone who has no real clue about guitars.
Ed Roman Gets Screwed  2001 I met Richard Mermer at the Asia Show in Nashville three years back.  I was impressed with the look and feel of his guitars.  I bought three of his samples and entered into a verbal dealership agreement with him.
ESP Lover Rant A close minded ESP geek who had no idea what he was talking about.
Famous Pro Endorsers  2009 Are Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Corporate Shills for products they   really don't use. Does Joe Namath really use "Brut" Aftershave!!! 
Girl Guitars OK. First of all there is no such thing as a girls guitar!!  A guitar is a guitar is a guitar. It makes no difference in the basic construction.
Guitar Center Blacklists Steady Customer    12/29/10  
How the Devil Builds Guitars       This page is reprinted with permission from The Zachary Guitars Website. I don't agree with some of the religious overtones. In principle however this is dead on and relevant enough for me to ask the owner permission to reprint it.
Legal Notice All text, graphic and other written content appearing on this website are the property of Ed Roman Guitars. Copyrights 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 200, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Loose Strings   Occasionally I will have to purchase a guitar from another dealer, usually when it arrives the strings will all be loose.  I HATE THAT !!!!!!!!
Manny's Music 1998  
McCarty PRS Guitars Personally Ed Roman is definitely not a fan of the PRS McCarty, In fact I prefer to sell them off on Ebay!  Fee Bay
Microsoft?  I will print anything that anyone send me as long as it's relative and intelligently put together, 
Million Dollar Fly  2003              Momo is one of our best customers. He in fact paid 1.5 million dollars for the Parker Guitar in the picture.
Mission Statement                       The main mission of my website is to eventually cover every obscure and unique electric guitar brand that exists or ever existed.
Music Yo  "Music Yo" is a company that appears to be a subsidiary of Gibson that was formed to sell product direct to the public. They make a big deal about selling to you direct and cutting out the middleman etc. etc.
PRS Questions   1996                 Interesting things about PRS Guitars
Pawnshops   2000 To the extremely few pawnshop owners that are actually honest AND knowledgeable-- Ed Roman personally  hereby apologizes in advance.
Scam Woods   1999 Any production guitar, I don't care what brand, will always suffer from uniformity. The prevailing design engineer has to pre-suppose the end consumers  decision about what he or she  wants in a guitar.
School Music Teaching Programs  I am available to any school public or private who wants my advice on how to set up a program for the kids to learn guitar. I will not charge anything and I will be glad to help with any recommendations for instruments, books, and general information that may be helpful.
Spam Phone Calls    This rant is about what you can do to fight back when you get one of  those rotten no good slimy automatic phone dialer dirt-bags calling you just as you are sitting down to dinner. Or worse yet, you just hung up on someone you really wanted to talk to only to get a spam call....  Great Ways To Fight Back.  COMING SOON
A Really Stupid Story          I am proud to say, I was involved in the original design of this guitar, and it's subsequent revisions. When I first designed this guitar, I never wanted it to be sold under the BC Rich name.
Travelers Checks        Don't ever get caught in a strange city with only Travelers Checks. When try to buy gasoline, it won't work too well. Even though your travelers check is good or bad American Express will always pay the merchant. The problem lies with the clerks.



It's An Old New York Shopping Trick

Go down to 6th St in Greenwich Village,  There are about 10 high fashion ultra hip shoe stores there.
Come to find out that one guy owns 3 different stores. So when I tried to price compare a pair of Leopard Boots, I thought it was funny that they were all selling them for $495.00. I could not even BS the salesman because when I tried, He laughed and said...

Why don't you go back over there and buy them

Ok Ok,  what was I doing buying a pair of Leopard Skin Boots,  Hey it was the 80's and my hair was pretty long too. But the bottom line is this is a deceptive trade practice. There is no law that says one guy can't own 5 stores, with 5 different names and price fix between his own stores.  It's still deceptive and another reason Ed Roman does not like or support chain stores of any kind.

On Stage With Richie Scarlet 1988, Just in case you didn't believe the part about the Leopard Skin Boots.