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Manny's Music  (Old Rant)

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Hey Kids, 

Here's Something You Might Like To Know!!

Did you know that Manny's Music on 48th Street in New York City is
Totally Owned by Sam Ash Music?

I guess there's nothing wrong with that !!!
Unless of course you didn't know about it..
Maybe you were trying to compare prices between the two stores. 

This is the part where you enter the Twilight Zone.
doo do doo dooo         doo do doo dooo

Imagine if you will, Omar Ahmaddesman is a Turkish businessman en route to Los Angeles Via New York City. Omar has a to change planes in New York and he has a 5 hour lay over.  Just enough time to see the World Famous "Manny's Music Store" and pick up some gear to take back to his home studio in Istanbul. 

Being Turkish it is culturally impossible for Omar to simply walk in and purchase something. Omar inherently doesn't trust Americans in the least. Before Omar purchases that gear he will walk next door and check out Sam Ash's price on the same package.

Omar is in a hurry he rushes next door, (Can he run faster than a telephone call),  Hmmmm I wonder ?

Imagine the possibilities, What if the salespeople were in cahoots with each other. They could then purposely give Omar a higher price just to make Manny's look like they were giving a better deal.  Or better yet what if the prices were within pennies of each other.  Omar might possibly resign himself to the fact that the prices were the same everywhere and he might as well buy it now rather than wasting more time price shopping. 

Look at the signpost up ahead!!

It's flashing!

Omar Got Screwed!      Omar Got Screwed!       Omar Got Screwed!       Omar Got Screwed!

Here's the best part.
I have never seen anything in any advertising that states anything about Sam Ash buying Manny's.  I remember reading about it in the trades, when it happened 12 years ago but nobody talks much about it. In fact the industry in general is quite complacent about it. Most of the people in New York know the score but it's old news and no one seems to care enough about it to bother talking about it much.

It is conceivable that Omar may never find out what happened to him. It is conceivable that he might fall for the same Hijinks the next time he is New York. Why it's even conceivable that he might send them more customers because he felt he was treated fairly.

I am not accusing anyone here (I certainly don't want any lawsuits)  I am just stating possible scenarios for collusion when 2 stores are owned by the same entity.   Guitar Center & Musicians Friend is Another Example

It's An Old New York Shopping Trick

Go down to 6th St in Greenwich Village,  There are about 10 high fashion ultra hip shoe stores there.
Come to find out that one guy owns 3 different stores. So when I tried to price compare a pair of Leopard Skin Style Boots, I thought it was funny that they were all selling them for $495.00. I could not even BS the salesman because when I tried, He laughed and said...

Why don't you go back over there and buy them !!!

Ok Ok,  What the Hell was I doing buying a pair of Leopard Skin Boots,  Hey it was the 80's and my hair was pretty long too. But the bottom line is this is a deceptive trade practice. There is no law that says one guy can't own 5 stores, with 5 different names and price fix between his own stores.  It's still deceptive and another reason Ed Roman does not like or support chain stores of any kind.

On Stage With Richie Scarlet 1988, Just in case you didn't believe the part about the Leopard Skin Boots.

I Get Letters

I found the information about Manny's extremely upsetting. I can remember going there as a young kid with my father. My dad was a professional musician, and back then professionals received a discount. Merely had to show your Union Card. Yea that's another big joke today. Anyway, four months ago I purchase a very expensive keyboard stand from Sam Ash in Clearwater Fla, almost $200.00. But I really thought it would do the job considering my G70 Roland needs the support because of its weight.

Anyway, this past week-end after finishing a gig, one of the spring loaded clips that holds the arm supports popped and the spring went flying etc etc. I contact Sam Ash about either repairing it or replacing it since it was only 4 months old.

I'm told, gee, don't know what to tell you, its beyond our return policy. I tell him, I don't want it returned, I need it repaired.

" Gee, can't help you there either, don't know where you can bring it." I told him to stick it where the Sun don't shine. I then write to the manufacture (online), I receive a email from them to contact Sam Ash, to tell them to take it back, call their local distributor in Miami, and they replace it for them.

Soooo , I call Sam Ash again, the same "Gee" guy gets on the phone, he tells me that isn't their policy. I tell him, that's what the manufacture advised me to do. Then I asked him if there was anyone there with authority and brains, cause obviously I'm speaking to someone who really don't give a shit about professional musicians and that their equipment is their means of earning a living. He hung up.

Well Ed, that's my story. Thought you might just get a kick out of it. Just what is happening to the world of ethics and assisting customers. What a shame. Good luck with your endeavor and I certainly see your point.

Best wishes,


Hello Charlie,
It seems to me you had a legitimate gripe, I feel bad for Sam Ash because of their own stupidity they will probably lose another  potentially good customer..  Oh Well