Titan Tension Free Guitar Neck

Titan Tension Free Guitar Neck

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Guaranteed For Life Never To Warp

Ed Roman is the only Guitar Dealer in the world you can buy original & replacement Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, BC Rich, Steinberger Charvel, Kramer, PRS & many other necks from.  See Neck Page


2009 The Tension Free Necks Are Still Available From Ed Roman !!!!!
Ed Roman has decided to stop promoting this product heavily due to most consumers failing to understand the technical aspects of this this product.   (We still carry them)
This product has met with marginal success probably because it is ahead of it's time. Most consumers are afraid to deal with anything that they think is new.
This product has been out for close to 50 years.  Due to the fact that it has not had much everyday consumer exposure. Many people think that it's a brand new thing.

How Titan Works
These necks use a 3/8" cold rolled steel bar to support the strings at the headstock, thus removing all string tension stress from the neck, leaving the neck free to resonate as it should.
This neck was originally trademarked back in the 80's. Ibanez used it exclusively on their American made models in the early 90's. In 2002 Ed Roman introduced the new improved original Titan neck which was co designed by Ed and Dave's son David. The new improved neck, which came after the Ibanez USA models, qualified for a brand new patent.

This technological advantage eliminates dead spots and provides much quicker response to the notes you play.


Titan Neck Above
Neck Is adjusted on the 20th fret through the inlay dot


Conventional Vs Titan Neck
Read This & Learn Something NEW

With a conventional guitar neck truss rod, the neck is actually compressed between points "A" and "C". This, along with the string tension, kills the necks resonance at point "B".    center

On a Titan Model Tension Free Neck , which is separated at "B" from the headstock, all of the stress is on the Titanium or cold rolled steel rod between "A" & "C". The pin through the neck at point "F" secures the neck and fingerboard, leaving the stress on the rod at point "C".

On the back of each neck, at "D" (on the heel), there is an access hole where you can adjust the neck to forward or back bow.

These necks can be retrofit to almost any guitar or bass.

All Retrofit Tension Free Necks Carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  (From The Manufacturer)


Titan Tension Free necks can be designed for the amount of sustain that the end user wants. 

The Titan Tension Free necks are extremely tight and stable. The added mass of the interior rod will eliminate all dead spots and produce clearer overtones.

Currently available as optional equipment on the Pearlcaster, Ed Roman plans availability for the Quicksilver and PRS guitars by Summer 2003 


 Pearlcaster Guitar, Jimi Hendrix Portrait


Dave Bunker From Seattle Tells How Tension Free Began
When I was building, and designing my first guitar in the mid 1950's, I worked for Boeing Aerospace, as a production controller. This job put me close to some of the finest engineers in the world. At one of our holiday parties I brought up some of the problems I had found with the conventional type truss rod with a group of structural engineers. These fine people decided to help with the long-standing problems inherent to the old truss rod design. In their off-hours these engineers, working on the Bomark Missile Project at the time, helped me design what would become the original "Tension Free" Neck.

And that is how the Tension Free Neck was originally born.

Many years later after minimal success with Ibanez & PBC Guitars licensing the technology. I hooked up with Ed Roman who together with my son Dave came up with several suggestions to improve the cosmetics, weight distribution and general marketing the future for the Titan neck appears to be very bright.

Upgrade necks are available for Tom Anderson, John Suhr, Melancon, Paul Reed Smith, Pearlcaster, Fender, Don Grosh, Pensa, Sadowsky, and Quicksilver. There will be more very soon.

Players are encouraged to adjust the relief of their own necks. Unlike a conventional truss rod there is no way a novice user could damage it.

Unlike a conventional type neck the Titan neck will not twist or distort when adjusted preventing any re-leveling and re-crowning of frets. thus saving the user lots of unnecessary expense.