LSR Construction Photos

Binding an LSR Guitar

The following photos show the steps taken to do binding by hand. When the guitar is finished I will put photos of the finished guitar painted and all up on the web.


Steinberger Or LSR Neck, Custom Inlay On Neck

The first step after making the basic body is to route out an edge evenly around the entire body.

Here is a photo of the finished route, basically you simply build a small even step all the way around
This takes patience a steady hand and a lot of time.


The Ivoroid binding is then wrapped carefully all the way around the body

Here are a couple of different angles so that you can see how the creme colored binding is applied

The Paua Abalone shell pieces are about 1/3 of an inch long
They are all glued in between the wood and the outer binding one at a time.

This was done in our shop many years ago, when we used to have more time to take photographs
This job is simpler than many of the ones we do today!!!

 LSR Guitar, Van Halen Model, Steinberger Headless Neck with custom fingerboard

Below Some Examples Of Different Models Ed Roman Offers

LSR EB-1 Guitar, Steinberger Guitar, Tremolo


Wanderer Body, LSR Guitar

One of 3 that were built in this style
The new ones have a newer better more balanced body shape