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PRS Styled Aftermarket Build It Yourself Kits CHEAP !!!!
Most parts are interchangeable with Quicksilver

PRS First Year Catalog Mint Condition $350.00
PRS Second Catalog $200.00
PRS Third Catalog (Golden Age)   $40,00
PRS Neck 24 Fret $750.00
PRS Neck 22 Fret $850.00
PRS Aftermarket Neck 24 Fret  Rosewood   (Better Quality Than Original) $399.00
PRS Aftermarket Neck  Maple                        (Better Quality Than Original) $499.00
PRS Aftermarket Neck  Ebony                       (Better Quality Than Original) $650.00
PRS Bird Inlays $100.00
PRS Tuning Key Original Old Style With Logo & Locking Assembly        (Each Tuner) $55.00
PRS Tuning Keys Set Of 6  SAVINGS ON FULL SET $70.05                       (Full Set) Chrome Only $249.95
PRS Early Tuner Cams  $45.00 each or 6 for 130.00 $35.00
PRS Later Model Tuner Cams  $30.00 each or 6 for $100.00 $30.00
PRS Tuning Keys  New Models on more recent guitars                            (Full Set) $90.00
Go Mag Tuning Keys Replacement Upgrade For PRS Guitar $128.00
DCK (Direct Couple Kit For Bolt On Models)    (Not including installation) $40.00
PRS Bridge With Adjustment From Tone Pros $125.00
Original PRS Knob $12,00
5 Position Rotary Switch Early PRS $88.00
Original 1985 PRS Mil Com Tremolo 1985 1986  New Unused  (Not replications) $450.00
Tune O Matic Bridge From 1991 PRS Signature Ltd Edition Model  (Best PRS Ever Made) $100.00
PRS Original Neckplate With Logo & Serial Number $180.00
Original Floyd Rose Trem (Not Licensed But Original)  With kit prices starting at $79.00   
Original Floyd Rose Trem (German Mfg) W/ kit prices starting at $149.00   Lowest Anywhere  
Nickel Silver Frets   (Not including installation) 25.00
Gold Adamantium Frets   (Not including installation) 150.00



 Quicksilver Guitars

 An Average Approximation Based On Repairs We Have Been Doing Since 1990


Conversion Set Neck To Bolt In Neck Including 500G Neck Mod & Heel Removal $500.00
Conversion PRS Hardtail or PRS Tremolo To Tone Pros' Tune O Matic (Includes Retop) $500.00
Refinish PRS CE Body Or Converted Body $600.00
Repair small dings  (total average cost per ding including paint) must see
Repair Broken Headstock must see
Conversion PRS 6 String To 12 String (Includes New Neck $1,200.00
Conversion Stock Neck Finish to 1500G $175.00
Heel From Hell Removal    If Job Is Done Together With 1500 G  total  $200.00 $125.00
Conversion Spring Mount to Hard Mount Pickups $100.00
Install Bird Inlays, remove & Install New Frets $400.00
Grind & Polish Frets  
Remove preserve & reuse original Logo   (Only When we strip & repaint guitar)  
Remove preserve & reuse original signature on  headstock  (Only When we strip & repaint guitar)  
Strip PRS & Prep for paint polyurethane $190.00
Re Stamp Serial Numbers  & 10 top $40.00
Bind PRS Body $200.00
Bind PRS Neck $200.00
Bind PRS Headstock $100.00

 Quicksilver Guitars