Maple Top Kit Guitar 2

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Our Highest Recommended Low Budget Kit

Maple Top Guitar Kit



This Guitar Incorporates Everything Good About A The PRS Design. It Includes several things better than a PRS. The overall wood quality is not as good as a PRS but the design features are actually much better. It is very possible to make this guitar every bit as good as a PRS.

It comes with a Tun-a-Matic Bridge and many of the parts are interchangeable with a PRS. There is a flamed maple top on these bodies as well -- not a PRS 10 top of course, but flamed maple nonetheless, and the Kit comes with numerous optional custom headstock styles.

It's not as pretty as a PRS or a Quicksilver but it is the closest thing we have seen built or in kit form. We prefer this kit over Carvin's California Model, The Dean Soltero or Hardtail, etc.

Very Nicely Flamed Top Not Visible To The Camera

This Kit Is Designed Very Much Like A USA PRS Or A Quicksilver
The build design is actually a lot better than many very expensive name brand guitars
This kit is designed to sustain better than most guitars we have seen.
Utilizing better components than other kits we have seen

All drill-holes are in the correct places.   No Guesswork

Build It As A Bolt In Neck Or A Glued  In Set Neck
Depending on pickups & desired tone qualities. 
We will be glad to advise you.

Neck Pickup Mounts Directly On The Neck  (Just Like A Quicksilver)
This greatly increases tone and sustain !!!


This picture features custom parts and upgrades available for additional purchase.

Including: Real Premium Seymour Duncan 59's & Grover Tuners
We also offer Original PRS, Pearlcaster, Hamer Or Floyd Rose Tremolos
Call For Information


Retopped With Flame Maple
If you can't afford to do this right away you an always do it later.


1 Maple Top Basswood body, Pre Drilled & Routed (Custom Routing Available Body & Neck)
1 Neck , 24 3/4" Scale 24 Fret, Pre Fretted, Pre Drilled Bolt in or Glue In.   
6 Tuning Keys, including all Screws, Ferrules & Grommets . Chrome
2 (optional) Seymour Duncan 59' Humbucker Pickups   (Choice Of Color)
1 Rear Cavity Plate 
1 Tuna-Matic Style Roller Bridge Schaller.
1 Tuna Matic Style Tailpiece.
1 Optional Tone Pros Or Ghost System.
1 Wiring Harness Pre Soldered 2 Pots & Toggle Switch
1 Truss Rod Cover
1 Jackplate
1 Neckplate With Rubber Backing Plate & 4 Stainless Steel Screws
1 2 Speed knobs,  2 Pickup Rings with Springs
14 Screws for Backplate, Trussrod Cover, Jackplate, Pickup Rings etc
Notice The Construction Method for the Neck Joint. This Is by far the best feature of this kit.

Never mind the fact that it has 24 Nickel Frets you have a choice of bolting this together or actually gluing it. 
 We will help you decide what is best for you.

This kit stock without any upgrades at all actually employs a better bridge system than the $2,000.00 & up PRS Guitars.



The Best Way To Convert A Headstock

We do it all the time for people who want to convert their BC Rich or Kramer headstocks or their ESP headstocks. Some companies have come up with some real butt ugly headstocks.
Many People want a Widow Headstock on their Warlock, We can do that just call our Custom Shop.
It's very easy to do yourself  !!!
Start by filling the 6 holes with wooden dowels,  we can supply them for free (just ask)
Then glue a thin veneer of ebony or rosewood to the front and the back of the headstock.
Sand the edges, Reshape to desired style, then redrill for the tuning pegs.
This also makes your headstock much stronger than the original Gibson's & PRS headstocks.
We do this on all of the guitars we make except the ones that don't tilt back. That's why we offer unconditional warranties on our necks.