Roman Veillette Pricelist

Roman Veillette Pricelist

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  Roman Veillette Std   $2495.00 1,695.00
  Roman Veillette Hollowbody      
X Custom Mandolin Scale     NC
X Solid Premium Mahogany Construction     NC
  Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboard     NC
X Hand Rubbed Oil Finish     NC
X Direct Coupling  Neck Bridge & Pickup     NC
X Completely Hand Built      
X Radius Carved Top      
X Side Dot Inlays     NC


  Custom Exotic Top AAA     290.00
  Custom Ultra Exotic Top AAAAA     490.00
  Ebony Fretboard     150.00
  Gold Hardware     120.00
  Neck Thru Body Construction     440.00
  Carved Archtop     250.00
  Custom Carved Tailpiece     200.00
  Strings Thru Body     100.00
  Custom Laminated Headstock     100.00
  5 Piece Neck (purple Heart Rails     220.00
  Custom Cat's-eye F Holes     180.00
  Solid Rosewood Construction     750.00
  Solid Korina Construction     750.00
  Magnetic Recessed Cavity Covers     200.00
  Gold Adamantium Frets     130.00
  Abalone Oval Inlays     250.00
  Abalone Mother of Pearl Fingerboard     950.00
  Bind Neck & Headstock     280.00
  Bind Body     180.00


X Black Saddle Piezo System Including Recessed Battery Box (Midi Upgradeable)  (See Below)     480.00
  D Tar System      
  EMG Preamp      
  Additional Pickups      
  B Band System (Hollow Models Only)      


We have experimented with several different lower cost Piezoelectric systems and they are acceptable but there is an audible difference with New Technologies Black Saddle System.  We highly recommend it to get the desired sound from your instrument.


Neck Thru Body Construction  (Optional)