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 There is no one anywhere that does as many repairs, designs, upgrades & mods to Steinberger Guitars.
Ed Roman can give you numerous options for building a headless guitar or fixing yours.

Ed Roman is a former employee of Steinberger

In 1991 I designed this Steinberger headstock model, It was called the Mega Axe
There were less than 10 made,  it never saw production.
Most of them were transparent red over Mahogany
Several of them had quilted maple tops.

This design is still available today in a neck through Abstract Model  Click Here


If You Bought A Moses Neck Someplace Else. 

We cannot install the truss rod adjusting wheel.
You will be relegated to taking off your neck every time you want to adjust.  That is a major pain.
Plus We Sell Them For $20.00 to $30.00 Less Than Moses Does.

Job Labor Description
Full Setup Non Transtrem $50.00 adjust action & intonation, polish frets
Full setup With Transtrem $100.00 adjust action & intonation, polish frets
Convert R Tremolo To Hardtail $166.00 This job requires routing & milling with a Bridgeport milling machine
Convert Trans Trem To Hardtail FREE No Charge With Core Trade in
Convert Your Steinberger To An Original Klein $600.00 With Core Trade in  No Trade In add $200.00
Rebuild "R" Tremolo $75.00  
Rebuild Trans Trem POR Depends on what Is wrong
Replace Trans Trem Bearings Only $100.00  
Custom Made Tuners For Steinbergers   Very Involved Very Expensive,  Tune Your Steinberger With A Screwdriver,  pictured below
Fretjobs $330.00 Refretting a Steinberger is not a job for just anyone. We Do Fretjobs under tension
Replace Pickups all original $40.00 Includes wiring
Full assembly most models including setup $200.00 Assemble, polish frets, wire, set up trem,
Upgrade Necks 1500 G $90.00 remove that sticky bowling ball finish on the old Steinberger Necks from before 1993
Installing direct couple kit $50.00 Including all screws, inserts & grommets
Replacing bass claws  Most Models $50.00  
Replacing Bass Claws (Milling Required) $100.00  
Repair & Replace Body Binding $100.00 M series guitars  Add $30.00 for Basses
Custom Make Body  (You Choose Shape) $200.00  
Left Handed Conversion POR Depends on the level of the job
Install truss rod adjusting wheel $40.00 Requires Routing  (But you won't have to take off the neck)
Grind & Polish Frets $90.00  
Fabricate New Pickguard For P Series $90.00  
Fabricate New Top For L series Guitars & Basses $250.00 Made from premium maple.
Install Leg Rest $20.00  
Fabricate & Install wood tone blocks for L series guitar or bass $50.00  
Convert L series to wood body


No Charge With Core Trade in
Convert L Series to Klein   $450.00  


Custom Hex Tuner Conversion
Tune your guitar With A Hex Socket

We Can Fix Broken Steinbergers so you cannot see the original breaks or cracks










Ed Roman Is By Far The Worlds Largest Dealer In Steinberger & Other Headless Guitars
See LSR Guitars             See Klein Guitars

Why Buy Your Original Steinberger From Ed Roman?
  The Steinbergers Ed sells are the original Brooklyn & Newburgh models
We rarely if ever even have one of the Music Yo or Gibson Spirit or Synapse models !!!

01, All Ed Roman's Steinbergers are totally refurbished & fully inspected before being shipped out.
02, All Ed Roman's Steinbergers have had the claws, saddles, frets, bearings, Etc replaced.
03, Ed Roman Stands Squarely Behind Every Steinberger Sold.
04, No other dealer has access to original & upgrade parts like Ed Roman does.
05, All available parts will be accessible to you as long as you can prove you purchased f
rom Ed Roman.
06, All Ed Roman Guitars leave our facility fully set up and ready to play (All Brands)
07, Your cost on Steinberger Strings will be $2.00 cheaper than we have seen anywhere else on the net.
08, We provide a free loaner if your Steinberger ever breaks !  It does not matter whose fault it was.
09, Our Steinberger basses utilize mil spec aircraft aluminum titanium alloy unbreakable string claws.
10, We usually replace all the pickups, pots, knobs etc etc before we ship.
11, Our Steinbergers are the only ones that come standard with a precision truss rod adjusting wheel.
12, Ed Roman actually has Steinberger brand hardtails available to retrofit for a small upcharge.
13, Any cracks dings or surface damage is expertly repaired so they are 100% invisible & undetectable.
14, Our upgrade necks are lighter, thinner and have a frictionless matte finish for ease of playing.
15, We offer Rosewood, macassar ebony, maple & virtually any choice of wooden neck.
16, Our graphite necks are the finest in the world, We offer both strandular & chopped graphite.
17, Ed Roman also offers do it yourself kits for hundreds less than buying a standard guitar.
19, Ed Roman has 45 different types of tonewood if you need a custom or replacement body.
20, Ed Roman has the largest selection of original Steinberger guitars in the world, All Models, All Colors, Custom Bodies, Custom Necks, Custom Electronics, Custom Bridges, Headstock Models & More !!!!

Ed Roman Guarantees if you can find a dealer anywhere on this planet that has even 10% of the inventory at our disposal he will pay you $1,000.00 !!!!

If you are an Ebay buyer, maybe you think you can get a better deal on an instrument thru them. We also have many instruments that don't measure up to the standards set above.

Generally we put those inferior instruments up on Ebay through a shill seller. We have to do something with them. They don't taste good & eating them is pretty hard to do.

So if you find something several hundred dollars cheaper on ebay, We can usually beat that also. However, we are not going to supply the above caliber instruments to customers who are literally buying them at cheaper than Ebay prices.
We are not going to provide free loaner service and our warranty is quite a bit restricted compared to what we have printed above. Our warranty will be much the same as you would get from most dealers selling Steinbergers.

LSR Guitars

The following photos show the steps taken to do binding by hand.


Steinberger Or LSR Neck, Custom Inlay On Neck

The first step after making the basic body is to route out an edge evenly around the entire body.

Here is a photo of the finished route, basically you simply build a small even step all the way around
This takes patience a steady hand and a lot of time.


The Ivoroid binding is then wrapped carefully all the way around the body

Here are a couple of different angles so that you can see how the creme colored binding is applied

The Paua Abalone shell pieces are about 1/3 of an inch long
They are all glued in between the wood and the outer binding one at a time.

This was done in our shop many years ago, when we used to have more time to take photographs
This job is simpler than many of the ones we do today!!!

 LSR Guitar, Van Halen Model, Steinberger Headless Neck with custom fingerboard

Below Some Examples Of Different Models Ed Roman Offers

LSR EB-1 Guitar, Steinberger Guitar, Tremolo