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The original Buck Owens guitar which was used on the Hee Haw show was a custom built by Semie Moseley of Mosrite Guitars.

Here are quotes from Buck Owens website.

In 1966 Buck and The Buckaroos had their instruments painted red, white and blue, an extension of Buck�s innate patriotism. When these instruments were seen on Hee Haw, guitar manufacturers began making offers to him to market a guitar in those colors. Though Buck used a red, white and blue acoustic guitar built for him by Semie Moseley of Mosrite Guitars, his business sense told him an expensive model of that type wouldn�t sell to the uninformed public.

He finally licensed Chicago Musical Instruments (Owners of Gibson guitars) to market a $99 acoustic model, and received a $2.50 royalty on each sold. He knew that Sears would market them but had no idea they would sell as well as they did until the first royalty check came.

"The very first statement, they sent me $15,000 he laughs. "I said, �Oh, you mean THAT Sears!"

Harmony Sovereign had made a reissue of this guitar called the American Pride which sold in 2005. It was a limited edition guitar and are starting to become a collectible because of the short production run. The colors of this guitar are a little different from the original Buck Owens. Red is deeper and not as bright and the blue is deeper as well. More like a navy blue than a royal blue.


Mosrite Issued A Mark 1 in Red White & Blue in 2001.  There were very few made,  If you want one contact Ed Roman Personally at (702) 597-0147



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