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A Word About Johnny Ramone & Mosrite Guitars

Now that Johnny Ramone & Semie Moseley are no longer with us, there are people out there who are claiming things that I am sure are simply not true.
These people want you to think that Johnny played their guitars when he was alive.  
NOT !!!!
I was one of the lucky people who got to meet both Johnny & Semie. Personally, I think it's despicable for any company to take credit for designing any part of any of the Mosrite Guitars. Especially when they know damn well that Semie himself isn't around to call them a liar.
I think it's totally despicable for any company, to use representations or pictures of Johnny Ramone, who always played real Mosrite guitars,  posing with something that is obviously an absolute fake.
If you are going to make a fake, I guess I can understand that,  but to use a persons name after he is dead to try and represent that he actually played a different brand. That just plain sucks !!!!
Fakes will always exist, lets face it not everyone can afford the real thing. My thoughts are a fake is OK as long as it is represented as a fake.
Ed Roman
December 2010

Iron Butterfly's "Inna Gadda Da Vida"
Check out the Mosrite Guitar and Bass!!!
Look For Barbie Benton Dancing In The Audience


Ink Blue 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Ink Blue Mosrite Mark 1 Reissue

The Only Authentic, Legal Mosrite Guitars You Can Buy in the United States, Canada or South America

The Mosrite Guitars that I carry in my store are 100% authentic and I will put my name and reputation on the line to prove it. At your request I will give you a signed statement that these are the only actual legal Mosrite Guitars you can buy anywhere in the United States, Canada or South America.

Mosrite was originally based in Bakersfield, California, from the late 1950s to the early 1990s. Founded by Semie Moseley, Mosrite guitars were played by many rock and roll and country artists such as Tommy Tedesco, Davie Allan, Kurt Cobain, Joe Maphis, John Entwistle, Jimi Hendrix,  Larry Collins, Buck Trent, Nick McCarthy, The Ventures, the MC5, Iron Butterfly, Arthur Lee Love, Johnny Ramone, Ricky Wilson, Kayama Yuzo, and Kevin Shields.
A friend of Moseley, a singing preacher named Rev. Ray Boatright, was deeply impressed with Moseley's guitar designs, and put up front money for Moseley to found his guitar company. In gratitude, Moseley named the company by combining his and Boatright's last names. It is generally pronounced "MŌZE-right.

Mosrite guitars were known for innovative design, beautiful engineering, very thin, low-fretted and narrow necks, and extremely hot (high output) pickups. Moseley's design for the Ventures, known as the "Ventures Model" (later known as the "Mark I") was generally considered to be the flagship of the line, but all of his guitars bore his unmistakable touch. Mosrite also produced several types of double-necked guitars, which were the types favored by Collins and Maphis; this design was also used by Nick Nastos, lead guitar player for Bill Haley & His Comets.  Today all the Mark 1 models are being made 100% in The USA,

  Ed Roman & Nokie Edwards of the Ventures 2006
Ed Roman enters his 12th year as the sole exclusive USA distributor for Mosrite Guitars

Nokie's Custom Made Mosrite Styled Guitar
Ed Roman is now offering Quilted Mosrite Bodies call for Information.

Mosrite Factoid
Did you know that Jimi Hendrix owned and used a Mosrite guitar for many years. He also had a doubleneck Joe Maphis Model. We don't know for sure how many times he used it to record with.  But The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is displaying the one he recorded  Spanish Castle Magic on.  I can hear what sounds like a Mosrite on several of the songs on Axis Bold as Love.  Dana Moseley told me she met Jimi when she was just a little girl. She told me he was the first time she had ever seen a black person.


Mosrite Factoid
Mosrites rarely if ever come with gold hardware. However they look absolutely awesome with 24 karat gold plated appointments.

It is a huge job to plate and change the parts on a Mosrite.

Cost to swap out everything & replate all the parts $1,395.00

Custom Built For Bob Barbarite


At the height of the "Flower Power" era of psychedelic music in the mid sixties, Strawberry Alarm Clock gave us one of classic rock's most memorable songs, 1967's, "Incense and Peppermints". Formerly known   as The Sixpence, this California based group was originally made up of Ed King of (lead guitar), Lee Freeman (rhythm guitar), Gary Lovetro (bass), Mark Weitz (organ), and Randy Seol (drums).  (Ed King went on of course to play with Lynyrd Skynyrd) 

The story of the song, "Incense & Peppermints," is a fascinating one. The recording was initially intended as a 'B side' and the lead vocal is actually that of a friend of the band, 16 year old Greg Munford, who was just hanging around during the session. He was not even a regular band member, but ended up singing a tune that would rocket to number one in the United States and sell over a million copies. Despite this success, Munford never actually joined the group.

Before recording their full-length debut album, the band added a second bass guitarist, George Bunnell, who was also an accomplished songwriter who's contributions enhanced a style that coupled hippie trappings with enchanting melodies and some imaginative instrumentation.

In the summer of 1967, The Strawberry Alarm Clock contributed music to the film "Psych-Out", as well as appearing in it. The band toured the US with some of the biggest acts of the day, but poor management and dissention among the members started to tear it apart. Bassist Gary Lovetro left the band before they recorded their second album, "Wake Up It's Tomorrow", which also appeared in 1967. A second single release, "Tomorrow" made it to number 23 in January, 1968.

Between 1968's album, "The World In A Seashell" and 1969's "Good Morning Starshine" the band went through a number of line-up changes which undermined their direction. To add to their problems, a manager who double-booked them on several occasions brought on many lawsuits.

Although they remained together until 1971, the Strawberry Alarm Clock was unable to regain its early popularity and saw only limited success on the singles chart with "Sit With The Guru".

Ed King later joined Lynyrd Skynyrd, while several of his former bandmates reunited during the 80s for a succession of "summer of love revisited" tours. Their memory would be brought to the forefront again in 1997 when "Incense And Peppermints" was featured in the first Austin Powers movie.

The entire band who recorded "Incense and Peppermints", including Greg Munford, was set to get together in December, 2004, for the first time since the recording session, but last minute contract problems prevented it.

Originally made for The Strawberry Alarm Clock "Incense & Peppermints" in the 60's these guitars were years ahead of their time.

Semie had once again created something futuristic.  Ed Roman & Dana Moseley can build you a copy of one, two or the entire set of these guitars.

Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of the original members of the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Be the first on your block to own a set of these wild guitars.

These guitars come in 6 string, 12 string, 4 string Bass, Baritone & Doubleneck versions.



Mosrite of USA Custom Joe Maphis Left Handed Guitar

Custom Mosrite Left Handed Joe Maphis Model
Custom Made In Las Vegas In Ed Roman's Shop
We Have A Used Original In Stock At This Time !!!

These Are Not The Faked Build-ups Beware of Cheap Imitations
Only Ed Roman Has The Real McCoy

Mosrite Johnny Ramone

Huge Selection Of Necks Available

Mosrite Guitar Nut

   Ed Roman Is The Only Dealer In The Entire World With Genuine Original Mosrite Parts

Stephan & Ed
The Mosrite Ranger Bass (RGB-003) arrived this evening. as promised, and it is awesome-
Once I found the info on the Mosrite bass, and saw Ed Roman's as a source, there was no stopping me!

Even at a "premium price"- WELL WORTH IT! - not important when compared to the years of enjoyment of playing the bass-

It is a great, unique and superb sounding instrument with excellent playability- I own a number of great basses, and this one will hold it's own for sure.

I wanted to thank you for getting the job done as far as shipping etc, and also to thank you for your good info and sales assistance,

I would like to thank Mr. Roman for being dialed-in enough to make these awesome Mosrite basses available! You can't just walk into the corner Music store and find them, as I'm sure you're aware.

Thanks again, I really love the instrument!



Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner playing his doubleneck Mosrite
Jimi Hendrix Had The Exact Model As Sugarfoot's


Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner & The Ohio Players.
Sugarfoot is posing with his favored doubleneck Mosrite

Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner playing his doubleneck Mosrite

Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner playing his doubleneck Mosrite



  Johnny Ramone Signature Model Signed by Johnny Ramone.
 With a Photo of Johnny Ramone Signing it.

Call now to reserve yours early!

Did you know that Mosrite built the first commercially available doubleneck electric guitar?

Kurt Cobain Mosrite

 kurt cobain mosrite

Kurt Cobain With His Right Handed Upside Down Mosrite Gospel Model.
Ed Roman Is The Only Dealer In The Entire World With Genuine Original Mosrite Parts

Custom Silver Metalflake Paint Available From Ed Roman !!!!!
 Ed Roman Is The Only Dealer In The Entire World With Genuine Original Mosrite Parts

Our Las Vegas Custom Shop

2 Stage White Pearloid Finish

There are over 35 different companies offering unauthorized cheap copies of Semi Moseley's designs as of this writing.  That would make Mosrite the world's third most copied guitar.  The Mosrite is a cool guitar. The Mosrite is a great guitar.  It is perhaps the first real surf guitar, but it does not make sense that it should be so copied.  The market for Mosrite guitars is very small. In fact, we reissued a limited edition 50th anniversary model of the most famous model in 2004. It took several years to sell them all... Talk about a limited market.

Custom Colors Available From Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Custom Colors Available From Ed Roman's Custom Shop


Mosrite Guitars - IN STOCK


  Joe Maphis Doubleneck  

Mosrite One Of A Kind 50th Anniversary in Gold Metalflake

Only 50 made 16 red  16 Blue  16 Green  1 Silver 1 Gold