Moonstone Guitars

Dateline 1980

Moonstone Guitars were well known in the early 80's for using exotic and beautiful tone woods to build their guitars. In fact, Moonstone was one of the first guitar companies to utilize beautiful quilted maple and burl woods in the construction of their guitars. Moonstone guitars were some of the most beautiful guitars ever made.

Moonstone Was Founded At Least 10 Years Before PRS

Pictures Of Moonstone Guitars We Have Sold
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Quilted Maple Top, Sides and Back

Beautiful Burled Maple

This wood is called "Jewel of the Forest"

Have you ever seen a tree growing out of the side of a cliff?
The wood you see on these solid body Moonstone guitars are
from the burly gnarly section of one of those trees. The Mineral
streaks and natural marbled figuring is nothing short of awesome.

All Guitars Hand-built and Signed by Luthier Steve Helgeson



Leland Sklar in the 70's


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