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 Original Bird Guitar Masterpiece
Totally Hand Carved Made From Burled Maple
These Are Available Today In Multicolor
This Guitar Was Originally Built Years Before PRS Was In Business
So How Come PRS Says They Invented Bird Inlays
Moonstone had a Dragon Inlay Too!!!   Hmmmmm
My Good Buddy Steve Helgeson With One Of His Original Creations


Moonstone Exotic Wood Bass                  Moonstone Higher Quality SG Style
                                                                See Abstract JD Model






Moonstone Guitars was doing beautiful Bird inlays many years before PRS was in business.
Yet they forced Moonstone to stop doing them because they were threatening him with lawsuits.
Notice The detail on the engraving. Then go look at the PRS it's almost laughable.


I really like the old Moonstone Guitars
They were way ahead of their time !!!
But the Neck Joint on this guitar is no longer acceptable

Ed Roman