Kramer Eddie Van Halen Guitar

Kramer Eddie Van Halen Guitar

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In Case You Don't Know, The Original Frankenstrat Was Not A Kramer.


Edward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van Halen (born January 26, 1955) is a Dutch guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer, best known as the lead guitarist and co-founder of the hard rock band Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen is widely known for his rapid guitar playing, tapping, and high frequency feedback. The All Music Guide has called him "undoubtedly one of the most influential, original, and talented rock guitarists of the 20th century."

In April 1996, in an interview with Guitar World, when asked about how he went from playing his first open A chord to playing "Eruption", Eddie replied: Practice. I used to sit on the edge of my bed with a six-pack of Schlitz Malt talls. "My brother would go out at 7 p.m. to party and get laid, and when he'd come back at 3 a.m., I would still be sitting in the same place, playing guitar. I did that for years I still do that."



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