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Duesenberg Materials & Construction

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Vintage quality & tone for less money!!!


Guitar construction, features and sounds which have written music history. The art deco style design of headstock, pickguard and metal components gives Duesenberg its own eye-catching look, while the body design bases on the old traditional Jazz guitars like being built from the 40s in Europe and in the USA. These design elements are combined with the best possible electric guitar construction values of the 50s: Grand Vintage Alnico pickups, classical Fender scale length plus a Gibson-like fingerboard radius. Most of the vintage-style tailpieces, bridges, tremolos, pickups and controls come with greatly improved details.

The light weight plus comfortable position of controls of these stage and studio guitars provide a distinctive playing performance and handling for the most demanding player.


Disclaimer Oct 10 2009

Duesenberg guitars are extremely well built & made to very high quality standards.  Customers should be aware that Duesenberg employs organic materials like Abalone & Mother Of Pearl on some of their guitars. Organic materials are not made on machines, therefore they can be slightly flawed to the human eye. It is common for a diamond to be flawed and a Cubic Zirconia being man made is perfect.  Ed Roman guitars will warn anyone who wants one of these shell guitars of the above. Most people do not even notice these flaws because in reality they add to the beauty of the shell. Several people have complained and whined about it so we printed this disclaimer.

Following features with all Duesenberg instruments:

  • American Hard Rock Maple Neck with Jumbo Frets
  • Traditional Set Neck  
  • Nickel Plated Metal Components
  • Open Nickel-Silver Pickup Covers
  • Coil Switching & Volume
  • Treble Compensation
  • All Guitars:  64,7cm scale   All Basses: 77cm scale
  • Aluminum Nickel Cobalt magnets
  • Heavy duty US 3-Way switch
  • Passive midrange control pot

Exclusively designed parts - specially made  Duesenberg  are processed. All building and assembling is done right in Germany,  Duesenberg a German top product for demanding players.