Duesenberg Guitars History & Timeline

Duesenberg History & Timeline

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Timeline Duesenberg Guitars & Dieter Goelsdorf from 1978 to 2006

The right product at the right time! Amazing success with the "Rockinger Guitars", the worldıs first electric guitar kits, plus a range of replacement parts at sensible prices.

Input from new partners and friends, especially from Mathias Jabs (Scorpions,) led to the development of the first fine-tuning tremolo in the world, the ROCKINGER TRU TUNE TREMOLO. Introduced shortly afterwards by Kramer Guitars onto the US market as "THE EDDIE VAN HALEN TREMOLO".

Set up own US distribution company - ROCKINGER-USA - in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Provocative ads in GP (Guitar Player Magazine) lead to worldwide furor. More tremolos follow, like the "TELLYBRATOR" and the "LESTREM"

Not forgetting: P-90 - the all-time favorite pickup! Established a large collection of old American P-90 guitars, which were minutely analyzed. Set up own production of P-90 pickups in authentic design and also special "humbucker" dimensions to fit in standard humbucker rings!

First real celluloid mint green pick guard reproductions, export of tremolos, pickups and pick guards even to South Africa & New Zealand.

Full scale production of guitar bodies and necks including paintshop. Workforce grows to 16 people at Rockinger.

Introduction of the first Duesenberg name guitar with very futuristic designs. Guitar magazine columns under the "Atze Rockinger" byline.

Established FORMENTERA GUITARS. Build your own guitar under the Balearic sun!

Crash Bang! Internal differences lead to sale of Formentera shares and change of ownership at Rockinger

Formation of g ö l d o - no more direct customer contacts. Company focuses on wholesale, production and import. Distribution & export of own and outsourced components to dealers and guitar manufacturers.

Development of the new Duesenberg Starplayer retro line. Immediate attention gained with German and international artists like Carl Carlton and Keb Mo.

Dieterıs group "Rollinger" supports B.B. King for the third time!

Introduction of the Diego brand - high-quality vintage reproduction instruments.

Publication of Dieter's book Fear &Loathing on Formentera.

Registering the free brand "KLUSON" as göldo-trademark in Europe. Developing new tremolo products and Duesenberg models. Diego as new Trade Mark. So far, so good...

Dramatic Duesenberg sales increase, especially to Japan (almost 1000 instruments), because Sheena Ringo (girl singer) top 5 hit in Japan.

Finally, after inexorable exertions - the new catalog by MAC! Sitarizer saddles, Super Tremola etc..

Duesenberg Ron Wood Signature Guitar and John Platania, Robbie McIntosh, Larry Garner and Chris Spedding among the famous Duesenberg Users. Diego Deluxe Tremolo. AEQ Piezo bridge system.

2003 DSP Guitar Of The Year in England!  ZZ-Top & Chris Whitley as new users, Dieter's second book "Formentera Fever"

Duesenberg lands in America, beginning a new chapter with Duesenberg *USA, L.A., with Nathan Fawley, Duesenberg Imperial, Rocket & Double Cat, new pickup rings with adjustable angle, new Tunamatic Bridge, Colin Hay (Men At Work), Grönemeier, Laurie Wisefield (Toto), Alan Darby

A lot more development in Dieter's design workshop. An all NEW tremolo, which works butter smooth for great stability, patent pending. Coming out soon! Also a new nut along with new tuners making guitarists life a little bit easier. New Artists playing Duesenberg, Elvis Costello, Slash (Velvet Revolver), Taj Mahal, Jedd Hughes, Blind Boys of Alabama, Buddy Miller, and many more.

Ed Roman, owner of The Worlds Largest Guitar Store, gets turned on to Duesenberg Guitars by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. A new chapter in USA sales is started.

Scale production of guitar bodies and necks including paint shop. Workforce grows to 16 people at Rockinger.