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The Ed Roman Centurion Guitar is built to a different standard than all other guitars on the market today. The Centurion has a deep set neck tenon that extends all the way through the body to the bridge, This method of construction assures the player they will be getting incredible stability from his guitar.

Good stability leads to excellent sustain and smoother overtones.  We are using a very thin polyurethane finish. We also offer Nitrocellulose lacquer. Our principal competitor uses a very thick polyester finish which brings out the wood grain well but severely deadens the tone.

The secret of good tone is to use as little finish as possible, keep away from thick paint.

Ed Roman's Deep Set Neck Tenon Design
It has advantages & some disadvantages if done incorrectly.

There are several other small builders out there that are using this method. One of them even claims to have invented it. This is an older design by Randy Curlee that I introduced to several builders who use it as their big sales pitch. The fact is they are not doing it correctly and the tone is greatly affected by the way they are doing it. 


Centurion With Quicksilver Shaped Body  (No Extra Charge)
Because We Are A Full Custom Shop
We Can Build These In Over 50 Body Shapes For No Extra Charge
We Don't Even Charge Extra For Lefthanded On Any Abstract Or Centurion Model

These days I am a little more cautious about talking too much about my latest innovations. However be assured, if you purchase a Centurion, I will describe in detail my latest concept for achieving even more tone & sustain.

Our most successful model "The Quicksilver"  which competes directly against the PRS Guitar & currently outsells the Centurion at a 12 to 1 ratio will also incorporate this new concept by mid 2007.

As of 2008  the Quicksilver can be ordered with a deep set neck tenon. Give us a call if you are interested !!!

I am now offering both the Centurion, Avanti & the Quicksilver in a Neck Thru Body Construction Style also.

Ed Roman