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When I think of Burns Guitars I think of The Searchers or The Honeycombs

Burns 50th Anniversary Gold Dream Guitar

Burns Guitars were a big part of the British Invasion Guitar Sound.  My personal favorites the Searchers used them. The next time you listen to "Needles and Pins or Love Potion # 9"  listen to that clear crisp tone of their Burns Guitars. Some obscure recordings that I personally love include "Someday We're Gonna Love Again" and "Don't Throw Your Love Away" The unmistakable clear rich "Burns" sound is ever present.  The Searchers were very much pop musicians not at all like my other two favorite British Invasion bands "The Animals" and "The Yardbirds". When Mike Pender brought out a Burns Double 6 and the difference was incredible.
 Oh yeah don't forget Hank Marvin !!!!

Ed Roman, 06/20/2002



Elvis & His Green burst Burns Bison Double 6

There are numerous photos of Elvis with this guitar, Most of then are poor quality. I personally saw this guitar at Elvis's house "Graceland" in Memphis. This guitar will someday probably sell in the millions. Be aware that many people besides Elvis used these incredible guitars in the 60's.

Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Hank Marvin, Steve Howe, Tom Petty, John Paul Jones, Brian May, Ian Anderson  Jethro Tull, Marc Bolan T-Rex, Ry Cooder, Marc Knopfler, The Easybeats, The Tremoloes, Slade, The Shadows, Andy Powell Wishbone Ash, Steve Marriot, David Bowie, The Outlaws, Noel Gallagher, Mick Ronson, Hank Marvin, Status Quo, Chris Stein Blondie, Earl Slick, The Troggs, Joe Walsh, The Honeycombs, Willy Nelson, The Tornadoes, and many many more but when I think of Burns guitars, I think of  "The Searchers."

The Searchers

"Needles and Pins" "Don't Throw Your Love Away" "Love Potion #9"
 "Someday We're Gonna Love Again" "When You Walk in the Room"
Many many more cool British Invasion tunes were played on a Burns!!



"The Honeycombs" Were A Real Rocking Group In The 60's
They had limited success on the charts They reminded me of "The Searchers"
The Burns Guitars were closest to the California Surf  Mosrite Ventures Guitar Sound
I think "The Ramones" were one of the few bands that really rocked with Mosrites !!!
Take a few minutes listen to this playlist I put up here.
This is a very distinctive sound, It is very bright and in the 60's it made quite an impression
Remember this was before wah wah's, distortion boxes, Flangers  etc etc