How To Buy A Guitar From Ed Roman Guitars

Call Direct for Custom Guitar Orders, We Ship Worldwide

  1. In Person:
    Always Call ahead to make sure the item is in stock. You can drop by and pick up the item, but you must call first. There are no signs outside, and calling ahead will cut down on time spent looking for us. See Below For Walk In Terms
  2. Phone:
    USA Customers Call us at (702) 597-0147 Have your Master-card or Visa number ready. This way is by far the easiest way to buy from us.
  3. PayPal:
    We accept PayPal for most orders under $600, if the customer prefers and is willing to cover all PayPal fees. We feel that PayPal is not ideal, but at times it does serve a purpose for smaller orders. PayPal charges 4% to 5% on sales so anything over $600 we prefer to use a wire transfer.
  4. Wire Transfer:
    This method is best for customers outside the USA. Make arrangements on the phone with your salesperson, then go to our Wire Transfer Page. Everything you need will be on that page. We will ship the cheapest way we can unless you want overnight or air freight.
  5. Direct Deposit:
    This is an even easier way to pay. Fast and secure, check out our Direct Deposit Page for all the details.
  6. Trade In:
    Send your item in. We will evaluate it and call you with what we we will allow for its trade-in value. We have been very successful with trade-ins and are happy to work with you if you are looking to trade.

Walk in Terms

We are open by APPOINTMENT ONLY 9:00am to 5:00pm California Time

You can almost always make an instant appointment simply by calling.

Please keep in mind that we are not a museum. We would love to be able to talk guitars with visitors all day, but we are a working custom shop and cannot spare the time to do so. There are too many people who want to come browse our showroom for several hours and we have found we can no longer accommodate these people.

Therefore, if you are not a past or current customer, you must put a $100.00 deposit down towards a guitar upon entry. This allows up to 2 people in our showroom. The $100.00 deposit is good for up to 30 days towards any custom or real guitar. We don't cater to beginners so low-end guitars don't count unless you buy it the day you are here.

We are committed to keeping our customers happy and well serviced. If you have business you want to conduct please call us before you come out. There will be no charge if you have business to conduct, including buying, selling, repair, and trade.

CC Deville's BC Rich Explorer
BC Rich never put this in their catalog but they made hundreds of these guitars
This guitar is available in a Neck Thru or a bolt On, Both New and Used
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