Wire Transfer Instructions


It is possible your bank may charge you a nominal fee but the old $25.00 receiving charge is gone!

Print Out This Page and Take It Along With You To Your Bank.

Email us and let us know you sent a wire transfer. Include your email, phone and shipping address.

Always Tell Your Banker To Put The Wire Transfer Through Immediately.

Some banks have been known to stall money for as much as 8 days. This will delay us from shipping your order.

Through special arrangement with our bank, there is no longer a charge for wire transfers!

Wire Your Money To:

U.S. Bank
5940 West Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

Bank Phone Number: 702-386-3780

ABA Routing Number: 121201694

Account Number: 1537-5447-5397

For Credit to: Ed Roman Guitars Wire Transfer Account

The above account is only a transfer account. It cannot be debited only credited.

Sometimes (Rarely) It Is Necessary For A BIC / SWIFT CODE


Always wire us in USA Dollars. Recently a customer wired us in British Sterling and one of the 2 banks gave him a commercial exchange rate and ripped him off for $200.00, so remember to get the local exchange rate. It will surely save you $$$$$.

Make sure you have your bank show the name of the purchaser so we can properly identify where the money came from. We receive multiple wire transfers on a daily basis.

In your Email make sure you put the shipping address, phone number and your email address

If you follow these instructions, things will go much smoother & easier.

Ed Roman

Please print this page and take it with you to your bank.  This will insure your bank has proper instructions.


Note From Ed Roman

I am not a fan of credit card companies,  I hate most banks etc etc. But they are a necessary evil in today's world of consumer immediate gratification.  (I never trust any large corporation)
Maybe I'm old fashioned but I wish we could go back to receiving mail order items COD. 
Credit card companies at one time boosted our economy but today they have so many people behind the credit 8 ball that they are doing more harm than good.

Wells Fargo Bank is the worst offender when it comes to making people pay credit card bills that were wrongly charged to them. Wells Fargo Bank's rules are by far the strictest I have read.  You know the small print that you sign when you get a credit card.

Credit card companies charge the merchant up to 5% and then they charge the user up to 26% in interest. They are bigger criminals than Al Capone, John Dillinger, & all the street crooks with guns put together. They steal billions of dollars every year.  Those little percentages add up fast.  I would put the credit card companies in the same prison as all the crooked politicians who have been milking the middle class citizens of our country dry year after year.

Ed Roman Guitars still accepts credit cards but we now charge the consumer, we even accept PayPal which started out as a free service then became the most expensive way to transfer funds imaginable. OK PayPal can be handy once in a while but consider this. If you buy a guitar for $3,300.00 and you use PayPal they take $132.00 if you mailed a check you pay for a stamp in a case like that PayPal is 2000 times more expensive.

I would love to be the prison guard in their prison.


I wish we could go back to checks and cash instead of credit cards. The crooked politicians want us to use credit cards so they can track our every move.

What Is The Difference between dealing with a large corporate entity, Or dealing with a small family owned company (This applies to almost anything from restaurants to Music Stores)

The large corporation usually has a room somewhere where there are a minimum 4 or 5 well paid college graduates who do nothing but sit down and figure out ways they can build the product cheaper and/or come up with new creative ways to rip off the consumer. The large corporation can afford to pay people full time to anonymously knock the competition on the internet.
The small company usually does not have that mentality, In fact the small company is usually more concerned with their products quality and their customers welfare.  After all in a small company you deal directly with the owner and usually a small amount of long term employees who you always see over & over again. If a small company tried to function like a big corporation they would not be able to face their customers day after day.

I know when something goes wrong here I have to be the one to tell the customer, I hate doing that more than anything so I try exceptionally hard for that not to happen in the first place!!!!

ED Roman