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Officially We Do Not Cater To Beginners That What Guitar Center Is For !!!
However we get trade ins and we sometimes buy closeouts
 We have lots of great deals on decent low cost beginners guitars that we need to get rid of cheap

Very Good Beginner Guitars For A Reasonable Price

 New & Used Fenders
Starting Around $100.00

Malden Stiger SH-2 Guitars


Body Close-Up

Headstock Close-Up

Jackson Guitars

Jackson's Entry-Level JS Series Suits The Needs Of Beginning Players
And Offer The Best In Materials, Workmanship & Value.

Please call us for the lowest price on the Internet.
We will beat any price from another authorized Jackson Guitar dealer.

 (702) 597-0147

Hohner Headless Guitars also see LSR Guitars (not for kids) Steinberger Guitars
These are the best guitars for a small person to learn on.
The quality is good enough that you could keep it for a lifetime !!!!

Hohner G3T Black   Call for Guaranteed Best Price
Solid American Maple body
Smooth 24-fret rosewood fingerboard over maple neck
Steinberger hardware, Balanced neck and body for optimum playing comfort.  $559
Hohner 5 String B2AV Bass Cherryburst, Quilted Maple Top
Solid Maple body, Smooth 24-fret fingerboard over maple neck,  Steinberger hardware balanced neck and body for optimum playing comfort.
Dual Select EMGtm Single-Coil Pickups     $639


This Is Not A Beginner Guitar It Is A Fully Professional Instrument !!!
It Easily Competes With Gibson Les Paul's. PRS Customs, Even The Duesenberg Starplayer.
We Sell These To A Lot Of People Who Want To Buy Something Really Good But Cannot Afford A Quicksilver.

Art Thompson ,"Guitar Player Magazine"
"A Baker proves that when it comes to building a Les Paul style guitar, the devil is in the details."

 Baker Guitars $999.00 Call For Details
You Can Buy A loaded one for as low as $1,295.00
(702) 597-0147

Why Is This Better Than A Les Paul ?
New Modern Design,       Nicer Wood,      24 Frets
Ebony Fingerboard      Gold Hardware     Bound Headstock
Grover Tuners     Push Pull Pots,   Real Mop Inlay.  7" Longer Neck
Split Coil Pickups     Matching Headstock,  Thinner Neck Profile
Many options available that Gibson does not offer !!!!
Full Comparison For Gibson Les Paul  
Full Comparison For PRS Custom