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 New Item: Hohner 6 String Body Blanks

 I have about 20 Bodyblanks
They are left over from when we  bought out the Hohner Final Inventory.

Cheapest $88.00        Most Expensive   $140.00

Blowout Priced   All parts available
assemble it yourself or we can do it for you !!!!

And...Hohner Bass Blanks

5 String

With A Great Quilted Top   $178.00

And Neck Through Body


Hohner 4 String Bass


6 or 7 of these left   Brand New
Left Over From When we bought the entire Hohner inventory

Original Mosrite MK1 Ventures Body $590.00

Brand New & Very Shiny !!

All those little marks are there because a screw belongs there
This body is mint..  USA Made   Full German Carve not a copy but a true original



Left Handed Original Fender Sunburst Stratocaster Body,

$269.00 BLOWOUT

Jackson Dinky Body, Duncan Designed Humbucking Pickups,
Licensed Floyd Rose, all electronics wired,
covers on back. Ready for a 24-Fret Neck.





 Excellent unplayed condition !!!!!
Resembles The Gibson

JT Flying Vee Copy Only  $239.00

JBL 4560 Clone Carpeted Speaker Cabinet
We used to manufacture these in house back in the 70's & 80's
We installed them in CBGB's, Gildersleeves & countless other nightclubs in  New York
We sold hundreds of them for $799.00 a pair empty back in the 80's
We installed Gauss 15" Speakers or JBL 15" Speakers
PA companies would purchase 20 at at a time
This is the very last set of them.  We made well over 3000 of them !!!
Ed saved this set for building an outdoor PA in his back yard!!!!
Pick up a set of Fiberglass Horns & you have a killer outdoor PA
Thats about 1/3 of cost to make these !!!


Jackson Neck with tuners & locking nut with inlays $299.99
We Can Get More Of These Call The Custom Shop


We Also Have Brand New Original Ibanez Necks  Call For Info